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A new era in politics

Jacksonian Democracy


the right to vote

Expanded suffrage

by 1840, more than 80% of white males could vote

Nullification Acr

passed by South Carolina declaring will not pay illegal tariffs of 1828 and 1832. threatened secession

Force Bill

president can use the military to enforce acts of congress

% civilized tribes

Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Chickasaw. Choctaw

causes of death

starvation,disease,exposure to bad weather


to reject


a period in which business and employment are at a very low level


the theory that the gov. should interfere as little as possible in the nations economy


to force a person or group of people to move

guerilla tactics

making surprise attacks and then retreating back into forests and swamps

Treaty of New Echota

Treaty was signed by 500 Cherokees and gave up their people's land. Treaty gave Jackson the legal document he needed to remove them. 17000 refused to sign treaty

General that lead march west

General Winfield Scott

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