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Minecraft Vocabulary

Minecraft words useful during game play
Another word for bedrock, which is the hardest stone in the game
Aggressive is generally used in the phrase "Aggressive mobs." These mobs attack the player on sight, not just when provoked.
A flying projectile that can be crafted with sticks, flint and feathers. Fired from a bow.
An attack is when the player clicks the left mouse button at a mob. Passive mobs will not retaliate, provocative (Neutral) mobs will attack only when attacked themselves, and aggressive mobs (Hostile) will attack on sight. Attacks reduce the targets health.
The same as Adminium, the hard rock at the bottom of the map. It cannot be removed or destroyed unless done so with a mod i.e: map editor. Holes can sometimes be found in the Bedrock which show the Void.
Types of land in Minecraft the player can find. Each Biome has differences in grass and tree color, how much water or other kinds of blocks are present, and how trees grow in each area. There are currently 11 Biome types. Visit Minepedia to view them all. Most distinguishable biomes are Snow and Desert biomes.
Blocks are the base of Minecraft. Everything is created, crafted and built out of blocks. A 1x1x1 (1 cubed) cube that players can place or destroy; A unit of measurement in minecraft equal to 1 meter.
Craftable item made from Paper. Used to create Bookshelves.
Craftable block made from Wooden Planks and Books. Used for decoration.
Dropped by Skeletons, these bones are useless in their initial state; however, when placed in a crafting grid, 1 Bone will produce 3 Bonemeal.
Bonemeal is the output of placing a Bone in a Crafting Grid. Bonemeal can be used as a fertilizer on trees and crops, causing them to instantaneously grow.
A craftable weapon out of three sticks and three pieces of string. Fires arrows.
Cacti are only able to grow on Sand blocks and must have a one block clearance on all sides as well as the top or else it will not grow (if a block is placed directly next to an already grown Cactus, it will destroy it). Cacti also have the benefit (and even harmful if not used correctly) of providing defense against mobs - any mob, including the player, will be hurt if they run into a Cactus. They do not need a water source to grow and can be placed on a single sand block; it will grow three blocks high.
An item promised by Notch if Minecraft won the 2010 Indie of the Year Awards (which it later did.) Cake was added to the game in the Beta 1.2 Update. You can craft cake with three Milk, one Egg, three Wheat, and two Sugar.
A resource that can be crafted by placing a log (wood) in the smelting slot on a furnace. It can be used just like Coal to craft torches and as a fuel in a furnace.
An item crafted with eight planks to create a storage area. Comes in two sizes, large and small. A large is created with two small chests placed next to eachother.
Craftable item made from Gold Ingots and Redstone Dust. Shows the time as a rotating day/night cycle.
A material gathered from mining Stone with a Pickaxe. Cobblestone can be melted down back into Stone, in a furnace.
A tool used to indicate the direction of the spawn point from your current position. Created from four iron ingots and one redstone, the compass works both in the user's hand and in their inventory.
A resource obtained by mining coal ore with a pickaxe. Used as a fuel
One of the main aspects of Minecraft is the crafting, hence MineCraft. Crafting is what keeps the player alive and prospering. Every item in Minecraft is crafted apart from raw materials (eg. wood). The Crafting Grid is the 2x2 inventory or 3x3 workbench crafting spaces. Crafting takes place in the Crafting Grid.
A particularly vicious mob that is aggressive to the player. It makes a sharp SSSS'ing sound prior to when it is about to explode. Take caution when fighting this mob.
Death can occur both to the player and other mobs. Mobs will drop items, and so will the player if they were carrying any. Death occurs when the health of the mob reaches 0. The items dropped will disappear over a period of time.
Most readily available block type when starting a new adventure. Dirt blocks can also grow grass by placing them adjacent to another dirt block that already has grass on it. Can also be tilled with a Hoe for growing crops.
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