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  1. Juan chose the ____ apple. (small)
  2. Ray seems ____ now that his family has moved to their new home. (happy)
  3. Tina must be the ____ sprinter on the team. (fast)
  4. Den's brother is four years ____ than he is. (young)
  5. The ____ thing happened to Chris on his way to school. (strange)
  1. a younger
  2. b happier
  3. c smallest
  4. d fastest
  5. e strangest

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  1. more graciously
  2. later
  3. more eagerly
  4. sooner
  5. most creative

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  1. The book I am reading for this book report is ____ than the book I read for the last one. (long)sooner


  2. Of everyone in the play, Linda learned her lines____.(quickly)most quickly


  3. My uncle makes the ____ burritos imaginable. (good)best


  4. We crossed the river at its ____ point. (wide)widest


  5. Diane's speech was ____ delivered than Kat's. (calmly)more calmly