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A ___ is a program that extends the capability of a browser.`


___ is data that has been processed into a useful form.

Transports large number files, add storage space to notebook computer, easily store large audio/video files

Advantages of portable hard disks and removable hard disks

less than $100

A reasonable quality ink-jet printer costs ____.


To write on a CDRW disc, users must has software and ____.

slower and more

Broadcast radio is ___ susceptible to mouse then physical transmission media but provides flexibility and portability.


A ___ is a program that removes or blocks certain items from being displayed

virtual private network

A ____ provides a mobile user with secure connection to connection to company network server

primary key and unique name

In a relational database, each row has a ____ and each column has a _____.


A comm ____ is a transmission media on which date, interactions, and info travel


___ refers to core activities of a business, involving creation, selling, and support of products

establishing goals and objectives

Planning, performed by managers, involves _____.


___ cable consists of a single copper wire surrounded by at least three layers: insulation, woven metal, plastic coating


A ____ is a small text file that a web servers stores on a users computer.

Information theft

____ occurs when someone steals personal or confidential information.


High-availability system may include ___ components that allow for a functioning component to take over automatically of one that fails.


A ____ is someone who tries to access a computer or network illegally.

solution algorithm

A ____, also called program logic, is a graphical or written description of step by step procedures to solve problem.


A ___ stationary pointing device with a ball on its top or side (similar to mechanical mouse)


_____ commonly describes a business or venture of any size.


A ___ source is a company or person a user believes will not knowingly send a virus-infected file

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The ___ interprets and carries out basic instructions that operate a computer

online meeting

An _____ allows users to share documents with others in real time.

Media players, digital cameras, smart phones, not laptops

Devices including ____, ____, _____, often have internal miniature hard disks.


An ______ program is filtering program that attempts to remove spam before it reaches a users inbox

B2B e-commerce

E-commerce that actually takes place between businesses is called _____


A ____ drive is the drive from which a personal comp starts


____ is a program placed on computer without users knowledge that secretly collects info about the user


____ uses a modem that sends digital data and info from a computer to a DSL line


A _____ is a duplicate of a file, program, or disk that can be used if the original is lost

matches a company's requirements exactly

The advantage of custom software is that it _________.


______ use is the use of a computer or its data for unapproved or illegal activities.


The _____ is the core of an operating system that maintains computers clock, starts application, and assigns resources (devices, programs, data, and info)

Project management

____ is the process of planning, scheduling, and then controlling the activities during system development cycle.


A ____ is an opening inside the system unit in which additional equip can be installed.


A ____ is malware that copies itself repeatedly

object code or program

The machine language version that results from compiling a 3GL is called the ______


A ___ player is a program that allows you to view images and animation, listen to audio, and watch videos


___ is an unsolicited email sent to many recipients at once


In Windows 7, Windows ____ feature protects your comp from external threats


Info ____ refers to the right to deny or restrict the collect and use of info about users


A programming language's ___ is a set of grammar and rules that specifies how to write instructions for a solution algorithm.


_____ info is gathered in the ongoing operations of an enterprise-sized organization


A ____ program is a utility that protects a comp against viruses by identifying and removing any viruses.


Organized set of program development activities is known as the program life development ______.

hot spot

A ____ is a wireless network that provides Internet connection to mobile devices


_____ is the process of comparing data with a set of rule to find out if data is correct


With _______ memory, the operating system allocates a portion of a storage medium, the hard ski, to function as additional RAM.


_____ is a network standard that specifies no central device on the network should control when data can be transmitted


The location in a retail store where a consumer pays for goods or services is ____.

misspelling a command, leaving out punctuation, typing words out of order, NOT using wrong control structure

Syntax errors will be cause by _____, ______, _______.


An ______ system is an info system that captures and stores knowledge of human experts then imitates reasoning and decision making.


A _____ is a working model of a proposed system.


Scope ____ occurs when one activity in a project has led to another that was not originally planned, thus scope has grown`


Many companies use OCR character on a ____ document, which is returned to company that creates and sends it.


A _____ is a comm device that connects multiple comps together and transmits data to its correct destination on a network


In doc management system, a central library or ______ stores all documents within a company


An alt to maintaining an alt computer facility is to enter into a _______ backup relationship with another firm, where one firm provides space to other in case of disaster.


______ computing involves the use of computers in networks (LAN and WAN) that encompass a variety of diff operating systems, protocols, and network architectures.


_____ storage is an internet service that provides storage to computer users


____ is a collection of unprocessed items which can include text, numbers, images, audio and video.

spreadsheets, presentations, documents but NOT emails

Google Docs is a cloud storage provide for ____, ____, ____.


If back file is used, a ____ program reverses the process and returns backed up files to original form


Programs that act without users knowledge to alter computer operations (virus, worm, trojan horse, root kit)


A ____ info system generates accurate and organized info so managers can make decisions, solutions, supervise, and track progress


Video ____ is the process of capturing full motion images into a computer and storing them on a storage medium


_____ systems continue running and performing tasks for at least 99% of the time.


Most retail stores use ____ terminal to record purchases, credit, debit, and inventory

CMS (Content management system)

____ includes information about files and data called metadata

automatic updates

In operating system, ____ can fix bugs, enhance security, and modify device drivers.

Server 2008

Windows ____ is an upgrade to Windows 2003 Server.

CRM (Customer relationship management)

___ software tracks leads and inquiries from customers, store history of all sales to customer, and allows for tracking of outstanding issues with customers


An ____ disc is a storage media type that consists of a flat, round, portable disc made of metal, plastic, and lacquer that is written and read by a laser.


____ software is application software developed by user or at users request


An _____ reader is a device that uses light source to read characters, marks, and codes then coverts them into digital data that comp can process


To convert an assembly language source program into machine language, programmers use an ______.

operating systems and utility programs

Two types of system software are _____.


Internet ad firms often use ____ to collect info about users web habits

HRIS (human resource info system)

A _____ is a system that manages one or more human resource function

online trading

With _____, users invest in stocks, options, bonds, treasuries, and so on without using a broker

full backup

a _____ backup copies all of the files in a computer


Tape storage requires ___ access, which refers to reading or writing data consecutively


A spyware ____ is a program that detects and deletes spyware and similar programs.


Content ____ is the process of restricting access to certain material on the web.


Comp ___ occurs when a computer consumes someones entire social life

comm channels

Two examples of ______ are cable television lines and telephone lines.

OMR (optical mark recognition)

____ is a technology that reads hand draw marks such as small circles or rectangles

trojan horse

A ____ does not replicate itself to other computers


___ computing provides computing needs to computer users via Internet

CRM (customer relationship management)

____ systems manage info about costumers, interactions, past purchase, and interests.


An _____ network, most recent net standard, conforms to the gov security standards and uses more sophisticated encryption than WPA

power source

A UPS connects between a computer and a _____


A ____ backup (partial) allows user to choose specific files to backup


Some external peripherals have an AC ______, which is an external power supply.


Software ____ occurs when someone steals software media, intentionally erase programs, or illegally copies.


Digital ____ is the discovery, collection, and analysis of evidence found on comps and networks.


An ____ system is a collection of hardware, software, data, people, and procedures that work to produce quality information.

ERM (Employee Relationship Mgt)

A _____ system automates and manages much of the communications between employees and businesses


___ occurs when retailers use web to sell their products or services


A ____ identifier is a physiological or behavioral characteristic such as fingerprints and eye patterns.


____ is the transmission of messages and files via computer network

Fixed wireless

____ high speed internet connections use antenna on a house or business to communicate with a tower location via radio signals


A cable ___ allows access to high sped internet service through cable television network

POST (power on self test)

The BIOS executes a series of test, called ____, which check various system components including buses, clock, adapter cards, RAM chips and drives.

content filtering

Many businesses use __ to limit employees web access


In the latest Windows conversion, the __ consists of several files that contain system configuration info.

encryption, web apps, passwords

Many cloud storage providers offer _____


____ holds data, instructions, and info for future use.


The core of a _____ cable consists of dozens/hundreds of thin strands of glass or plastic that use light to transmit signals


____ is a combo of an electric cash register, bar code reader, and printer.


Software ___ is an unauthorized and illegal duplication of copyrighted software.


A hardcopy is also called a ____


The process of locating and correcting syntax and logic errors in a program is known as ____ the program.

hot spot

People connect wirelessly to the internet through a ____ using their mobile devices


On larger computers, tape cartridges are mounted in a separate cabinet called a tape ______


A certificate ____ is an authorized person or company that issues and verifies digital certificates.

Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act

The 1988 ____ regulates the use of government data to determine the eligibility of individuals for federal benefits.


A ____ line is a type of always-on connection that is established between two communications devices.

have redundant data and isolate data

A major weakness of a lot of file processing systems is that they ____.


A(n) ____ modem sends and receives data and information to and from a digital line.


A wireless ____ point is a central communications device that allows computers and devices to transfer data wirelessly among themselves or to transfer data wirelessly to a wired network.


Windows ___ is Microsofts fastest, most efficient operating system to date


An IT code of conduct is a written guideline that helps determine whether a specific computer action is ______.


A ____ overcomes the major disadvantage of CD-R disks, which is being able to write on them only once.


Often users ____, or transfer a copy of, the images from a digital camera to a computer's hard disk.

functional units

A typical enterprise consists of hundreds of operating entities, called ____ including departments, centers, and divisions.


Some cloud storage services charge an additional per ____ fee for data transferred to and from the cloud storage service.


A(n) ____ is the intersection of a column and row in a worksheet.

WWW and email

____ are two of the more widely accessed Internet services.


An image ____ is a graphical image that points to one or more Web addresses.

verifies that each individual program works by itself

A unit test ____.


A(n) ____ is a display device that is packaged as a separate peripheral.


____ enables users to speak to other users over the Internet.


A network ____ refers to the layout of the computers and devices in a communications network.

Plug and Play

____ means the operating system automatically configures new devices as users install them.

do-while control structure

A(n) ____ tests a condition at the beginning of the loop and repeats one or more times as long as the condition is true.


A(n) ____ interface controls how users enter data and instructions into a computer and how information is displayed on the screen.


A(n) ____ is a window on the screen that provides areas for entering or changing data in a database.


A tape ____ is a small, rectangular, plastic housing for tape.


A(n) ____ performs calculations on the data in a worksheet and displays the resulting value in a cell.


A(n) ____ utility assists programmers with identifying syntax errors and finding logic errors in a program.

flat panel

A(n) ____ display is a lightweight display device with a shallow depth, such as an LCD monitor or plasma monitor, that does not use CRT technology.


____ is a magnetically coated ribbon of plastic capable of storing large amounts of data and information at a low cost.


Sometimes a company uses a(n) ____, which allows customers or suppliers to access part of its intranet.


A(n) ____ hard disk is a hard disk that you insert and take out of a drive, and it may either be built into the system unit or external and connected via a USB or FireWire port.


____ are employees who are responsible for coordinating and controlling an organization's resources.


The kernel is memory ____, which means it remains in memory while the computer is running.

open source

Linux is ____ software, which means its code is provided for use, modification, and redistribution.

buses that eliminate the need to install cards in expansion slots

The USB (universal serial bus) and FireWire bus are ____.

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