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  1. Median a. supplies:
  2. Branch of musculocutaneous nerve=
  3. Subscapular nerve supplies:
  4. Cranial pectoral nerve supplies:
  5. Ulnar a. supplies:
  1. a palmar surface of the paw
  2. b superficial pectoral mm.
  3. c Subscapularis m.
  4. d Caudally to ulnar and humeral heads of the Deep digital flexor, flexor carpi ulnaris
  5. e medial cutaneous antebrachial nerve

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  1. deep pectoral m.
  2. cranial elbow and adjacent muscles
  3. deep into brachium to triceps
  4. Subscapularis m., part of Teres major
  5. fcu, ddf --> palmar surface of paw

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  1. Radial nerve supplies:pronator teres, pronator quadratus, fcr, sdf, ddf --> palmar surface of front paw


  2. Branch of ulnar nerve=caudal cutaneous antebrachial nerve


  3. Caudal circumflex humeral a. supplies:deep pectoral m.


  4. Branches of the Brachial ArteryLateral cutaneous antebrachial nerve


  5. Bicipital a. supplies:palmar surface of the paw