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attributing human qualities and characteristics to objects or animals


figure of speech in which the speaker addresses someone absent as if he or she were present or an inanimate object as if it could reply


balance of similar words, phrases, or clauses; the phrases are the same length and have the same structure

metaphysical poetry

unusual focus placed on intellectualism, theology, philosophy, science, and astronomy


comparison where the subject is compared to something that he/ she/ it would never normally be associated with


requires great intellectual effort to understand


apparent self- contradiction that reveals a sort of truth

metaphysical conceit

extended metaphor that makes a surprising or unexpected comparison


everyday "common language"


short, quotable sentence


writing that uses humor to ridicule vices, follies and abuses


language and particularly the speech habits of a particular social class, region or group


lyrical poem or musical composition that laments death


reversal of normal word order


omitting letters or sounds within a word


companion poem

landed gentry

"gentlemen" in the early sense who owned extensive land in the form of estates; their sole job was to manage the land and support their family


depiction of contemporary life and society "as they are"

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