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Serves as a passage way for both air and food


Air passageway from pharynx to lungs


A flap of tissue that covers the entrance to the trachea when you swallow


Were air enters the body and moves to the pharynx


It is on top of the trachea. Contains two highly elastic folds of tissue known as the vocal cords. When muscles pull the vocal cords together, the air moving between them causes the cords to vibrate producing sound

Bronchi (singular: bronchus)

Each bronchus leads to one of the lungs. Bronchi are air passage ways in the lungs. Within each lung, the large bronchi subdivides into smaller bronchi, which lead to even smaller air passageways called bronchioles. These continue to subdivide until they reach a series of dead ends were there are millions of tiny air sacs called alveoli


Provide an enormous surface area for gas exchange


To recive air from the environment through the trachea and exchange oxegen and co2 with blood, and after this, then relese the air, now high in co2 and low in oxegen, back into the environment

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