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Death of a Salesman

-American dream/salesman/being a man
1. building
2. air/country
3. death
4. time
5. success/failure
6. stockings
7. mending/fixing
8. seeds, plants, trees

Richard Corey

-everyone thought he was perfect
-author is someone looking at him: bystander
-speaker and people around only see what he shows
-looked at in a poor mans view: the want to be rich
-Richard treats them kindly: doesn't avoid them
-kills himself: money can't buy happiness, no true friends, bigger oppurtunity to screw up, experience more temptation, pressure to not step out of line
-human nature to be jealous
-extremely common to look at people in a higher light


-focused on the championship of the individual and celebrated the inner-self
-saw life as having no order to it and were concerned with the sub conscience
- were looking to understand the world that had been damaged by the corruption of WWI
-factory life
-rise of the city
-" a lonely, dehumanized, mechanized world where individuals struggled to communicate and searched for some source of hope."
-symbolist: all external objects are symbols of a deeper, true meaning
-jazz age
-lost generation: writers that "devoid of faith and alienated from civilization that was bothered"

Stephen Crane background

-youngest of big family
-father dies at young age
-went to college for two years but mom dies so he drops out
-"Maggie a Girl on the Streets"- first book but not popular

Emily Dickinson




Stephen Crane

"Do not weep madian, for war is kind"
-two opinions/authors
-1,3,5 are calming, fluffy, less painful, accepting of war. View point of a wife, mother, child who are most effected by death of a soldier
-2 and 4 are manly, glory of war, reality of war. The way soldiers are supposed to be

"Open Boat"
-naturalism: man isn't comparable to nature, begins negatively but then changes tone
-impressionism: "If I am going to be drowned..." implies the character struggles of desperation
-life goes on after tragedy
-corespondent goes from observer to interpreter





Ezra Pound

"In a Station of the metro"
-crowd: not individual, lonely, searching, anxiety
-apparition: theme? Unattainable faces
-ghost/ghost-like person
-faces: concrete
-petals: each is different, delicate, pretty, can fall off
-tone: negative
-big crowd with no communication: people are anonymous

-founded imagism
1. direct conentration of the image itself
2. common speech
3. freedom of subject


"Winter Dreams"
-Dexter/Judy Jones
-"beautifully ugly"
-makes life changing decisions for a girl
-not to get too infatuated with your dreams
-can't always have what you want
"Great Gatsby" and "Winter Dreams" are extremely similar

Literary terms


Types of irony


American Lit terms


Robert Frost

"Mending Walls"
-"good fences make good nieghbors"
-"something there is that doesn't love a wall."
-nature is trying to destroy the wall
-they build the wall together but they're trying to seperate themselves
-speaker says there is no reason for the wall( no cows)
-neighbors answer is "good fences make good neighbors"
-defensive statement

"Out Out-"
-title from Shakespeare
-dark tone
-shows life after death
-death in a negative light
-technology: hostile, angry
-wood: sweet, scented
-five mountains: hand (five fingers)
-"young man doing a mans work, but a child at heart"

T.S. Elliot

"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
-dramatic monologue (talks to himself)
-his biggest poem was 400 lines "The Wasteland"
-thought Midevil times was the highest point of civilization (structured, no freedom, set religion and politics)

Jilting of Granny Witherwall



drove ambulance in World War I
known for dialogue

Great Gatsby

-Tom/paris women
-human nature to gossip

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