Illustrator CS6 Certification Practice


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To control all document colors, gradients, and patterns.
The Swatches panel
To remove all swatches that arent used in the document
Select All Unused from the Swatches panel menu, and then click the Delete Swatch button .
Adjusting the letterspacing between certain letters to bring them closer together and create uniformity
Adjusting the spacing between words, phrases, and extended blocks of text.
How can you most effectively create a rectangle with rounded corners?
Use the rounded rectangle tool
A graduated blend between two or more colors used to fill an object or multiple objects.
Process colors
CMYK printing inks. Varying combinations of these four inks can create a limited range of colors, known as the process gamut.
What are the 5 elements of design?
Lines, Shapes, Value, Texture, and Color
The Direct Selection tool
Selects points or path segments within objects
The Selection tool
Selects entire objects.
The Magic Wand
Selects objects with similar attributes.
Name two ways that you can switch to another workspace
By choosing either Window > Workspace > name of workspace, or choosing the workspace name from the workspace switcher in the Application bar.
When you have multiple objects selected, how do you deselect just one item?
To deselect a single object from selected object, Shift-click the object.
How can you copy type attributes from one type object to another?
The Eyedropper tool copies type attributes as well as fill and stroke attributes
Name the two types of gradients that you can create.
A linear gradient and a radial gradient
Name the five types of brushes
Calligraphic, Bristle, Scatter, Art, and Pattern.
What type of path does the Blob Brush tool create and/or edit—open or closed?
The Blob Brush tool creates and edits closed paths
Whats the difference between a Pattern brush and a Scatter brush?
Scatter Brush shapes can be laid down some distance away from the path itself. The tiles of a Pattern Brush follow the path tightly.
Where can you go to edit an effect applied to an object?
The Appearance panel.
What is the only object that cannot be used as a symbol?
Is a linked graphic.
When is CMYK used?
When creating printed images
Your are creating a logo that will be used in a many sizes and situations. Which image type should you use?.
When do you need to obtain permission to use an image?
When it has a Copyright
What does the blob brush tool do?
Draws, filled, compound paths.
What is the color Guide used for?
For accessing Harmony Rules or complimentary colors while working.
Where can Smart Guides be found and enabled?
In the menu bar, under the View drop down
When printing an illustration, how can you ensure that the ink is printed to the edge of the page after the page is trimmed.
Size your content to fill the canvas completely
Which option most accurately describes the Gestalt Principle?
The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
What are two advantages of symbols?
They can be made into movie clips.They are art objects that can be easily added to a project and altered
Which of the following is a valid video format?
Creates separate artboards for printing or export.
The Artboard tool
Draws and edits freehand lines
The Pencil tool
Creates individual type and type containers and lets you enter and edit type
The Type tool
Works with pattern to make the work of art seem active
The feeling of harmony between all parts of the work of art, which creates a sense of completeness.
The feeling of unity created when all parts (sizes, amounts, or number) relate well with each other.
Normal mode
A screen mode in which you see all of your objects with fills and strokes and whatever effects you might have applied.
The arrangement of windows and panels that you see on your monitor.
Outline mode
A screen mode which displays all your objects as hollow shapes, with no fills or strokes.
Bounding box
A rectangle with eight handles that surrounds the selected object.
Draw Behind drawing mode
A drawing mode used to create an object behind a selected object or at the bottom of the stacking order.
What is a Serif type font?
A font with semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes
What is the difference between raster and vector graphics?
Raster graphics are composed of pixels, while vector graphics are composed of path
When exporting as BMP, which three color mode options do you have?
Bitmap, Grayscale and RGB
Button used to copy and paste a placed file into an Illustrator document.
Smooth Points
Anchor points created by clicking and dragging the Pen tool resulting in a curved path between the points.
Font Style
Appearance changes to a font such as bold or italic
Characteristics of the outline of an object, such as its weight, color, style, etc.
RGB Model
The color model used for illustrations to be viewed on computer monitors.
Nonprinting lines that can be used to create boundries or guidelines in a drawing.
Which three options are principles of design? (Choose three.)
A Angling
B Proximity
C Scale
D Contrast
What is a symbol in Illustrator?
An art object that you can reuse in a document
Which two options are vector drawing tools? (Choose two.)
A Pen tool
B Lasso tool
C Smooth tool
D Slice tool
Pen tool
Smooth tool
When exporting as BMP, which three color mode options do you have? (Choose three.)
A Bitmap
C Grayscale