Data Modeling

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chapter 7


The ANSI prescribes a standard SQL the current fully apporved version is known as SQL-07


The ANSI SQL standards are also accepted by the ISO.


SQL is considered difficult to learn; its command set has a vocabulary of more than 300 words.


You cannot insert a row containing a null attribute value using SQL.


You can select partial table contents by naming the desired fields and by placing restrictions on the rows to be included in the output.


Oracle users can use the Access QBE (query by example) query generator.


String comparisons are made from left to right.


The conditional LIKE must be used in conjuction with wildcard characters.


Some RDBMSs, such as Microsoft Access, automatically make the necessary conversions to eliminate case sensitivity.


To join tables, simply enumerate the tables in the FROM clause of the SELECT statement. The DBMS will create a Cartesian product of every table in the FROM clause. To get the correct results, you need to select the rows in which the common attribute values do not match.


The most recent fully approved version of standard SQL prescribed by the ANSI is ___.


The SQL character data formats are ___.


The SQL command that lets you insert rows into a table is ___.


The SQL command that lets you insert rows into a table is ___.


The SQL command that lets you select attributes from rows in one or more tables is ____.


In Oracle, the ___ command is used to change the display of a column, for example, to place a $ in front of a numeric value.


The SQL command that modifies an attributes values in one or more table's rows is ____.


A ____ is a query that is embedded or nested inside another query.


The ___ command is used to restore the table's contents to their previous values.


To delete a row from the PRODUCT table, use the ___ command.

all rows will be deleted

When you issue the DELETE FROM tablename command without specifying a WHERE condition, ____.


An ____ is an alternate name given to a column or table in any SQL statement.


The ____ special operator is used to check whether an attribute value is null.


The special operator used to check for similar character strings is ____.


A table can be deleted from the database by using the ___ command.


The SQL aggregate function that gives the number of rows containing non-null values for a given column is ___.


The SQL aggregate that gives the average for the specific column is ___.


A ___ is a logical group of database objects, such as tables and indexes, that are related to each other.


U.S. state abbrev. are always 2 characters, so _____ is a logical choice for data type representing a state column.


Date & SYSDATE are special functions that return today's date in MA ACCESS AND ___ respectively.

Reserved Words

are words used by SQL to perform specific functions.

Create INDEX

Using the ___ command, SQL indexes can be created on the basis of any selected attribute.

attribute names

In an INSERT command, you can indicate just that attributes that have required values by listing the ___ inside parentheses after the table name.


A ____ character is a symbol that can be used as a general substitute for other characters or commands.

Drop TAble

A table can be deleted from the database by using the ___ command.


A ___ is performed when data is retrieved from more than one table at a time.


An alias is especially useful when a table must be joined to itself in a ___ query.

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