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The implementation phase of the software life cycle includes the elements that are required to keep the software running smoothly.


When repackaging an application is not an option and a windows installer file is not available, you can use a .zap file to publish an application


The assign option allows users to install the applications that they consider useful to them.


When configuring software restriction policies, the Dissallowed option allows all applications to run except those that are specifically excluded.


The disallowed default security level should be used cautiously because all applications will be restricted unless explicitly allowed.


Multiple versions of the same GPO cannot be backed up to the same file system directory.


When the settings tab is activated, an html report is generated that allows administrators to view GPO settings that do not have the original default value.


At least two domain controllers running windows server 2003 or windows server 2008 must be present to use wmi filters.


RSoP is available as an mmc snap-in.


The policy events tab collects all policy-related events and stores them in one convenient location.


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