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Jazz History test #4

Davis' Early 70's group
Wayne Shorter-Soprano and Tenor sax
Chick Corea-Electric Piano
Dave Holland-Acoustic and Electric bass
Jack DeJohnette-drums
Airto Moreira-Percussion

Group played with rock musicians at Filmore East and West
Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul left and created what group?
Weather Report-featured a song called Birdland
Who did Davis replace Wayne Shorter with?
Steve Grossman
How many drummers did Davis often use?
2-->One conventional drummer and a different percussion instrument
What percussion did Airto Moreira play?
The Cuica--> "A talking friction drum"
How did Davis play during this period of time?
He often played one long melody with one piece transitioning into another.
Enrico Merlin called this "Coded Phrases" because the audience wasn't aware of this
What song was done again but very differently in the 70's?
I fall in love too easy
Where did Davis play with now new Saxophonist Gary Bartz?
The Isle of Wright pop musical festival
What bassist did Davis take from Stevie Wonder?
Michael Henderson-->First musician Davis hired that didn't have extensive Jazz experience
What movie did Davis do music for?
Jack Johnson-->Was an African American boxer that was controversial because he defeated a European White man and married a European White women

Davis could relate to him because he was too a black celebrity and both enjoyed boxing
Where did Davis begin playing at the end of the 70's?
He didn't play at nightclubs anymore and instead at concert halls, ballrooms, and music festivals

He did play once at a night club in DC-->Cellar Door
Columbia recorded these and one night Davis had John McLaughlin play his electric guitar

At the club he brought with him: Gary Bartz-Saxophone
Keith Jarret
Michael Henderson
Jack DeJohnette
Airto Moreira
How did Davis play his trumpet at the DC night Club?
He played it through a Wah-Wah pedal-made it sound like a guitar
What was Miles first album when he went back to Columbia and did many sessions?
On the Corner
Who was on the album On the Corner?
Bartz and Jarret left
Played with an all-star affair that included many musicians that he had played with before
Group included 2 unusual instruments: Colin Walcott-Sitar
Badal Roy-tabla drums
What instrument did Chick Corea use on the album On the Corner?
The new Portable Synthesizer
Who did Davis collaborate with on the album On the Corner?
Paul Buckmaster
He introduced Davis to Karlheinz Stockhausen who has a great influence on him
Stockhausen also influenced Paul McCartney and John Lennon
What was the album and first song that Davis dedicated to Duke Ellington when he died?
Album=Get up with it
Song=He loved him madly
What was Davis' last recording with Columbia records in the 70's?
A live concert in Tokyo
Albums=Pangaea and Agharta
Personnel-->Miles Davis-trumpet and electric organ
Sonny Fortune-soprano and alto sax, flute
Pete Cosey-electric guitar and percussion
Reggie Lucas-electric guitar
Michael Henderson-electric bass
Al Foster-Drums
James Forman-Conga drums and percussion
What was different about the song "Right Off" from Agharta?
It has a swinging shuffle beat
What did Davis actually did when people thought he had disappeared?
He did play the electric organ a couple of times for Columbia records but they weren't released to the public
Who did Davis play with in the early 80's?
Wynton Marsalis
Characteristics of "Directions"
Corea's distorted electric piano, Davis' slashing trumpet, and Moreira's yelping Cuica
At Fillmore, what song did Davis record that he would never record again?
I fall in Love too Easy
Davis quote about Ellington
"I think all musicians should get together one day and get down on their knees and thank Duke Ellington"
Davis Trumpet style
Played fast
Connected it to an amplifier which made it echo
Used a wah-wah pedal-->alternated tone color
Could play violently or calm and mournfully
Showed inspirations from Hendrix and Billy Preston
Blend of traditional jazz, funk, and India/South American influences
Infused with the spirit of Coltrane