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king of the Franks

Charles Martel

the Frankish commander for the battle of Tours. He defeated the Muslimsin the Battle of Tours.


"charles the great" was a devoted family man, devout christian, visionary ruler and ideal knight. his goal was the christianization of europe

Otto 1

one of the strongest germanic kings-made holy roman empire

Gregory the Great

He was a pope; He helped spread Christiananity


The country where the Vikings come from.

Holy Roman Empire

most of Germany and Northern Italy


a group of people who built new societies and defended them from Muslims, Magvars, and Vikings


people who lived in Southern Britian and pushed aside the angles and saxons

Angles and Saxons

a group of people who built new societies and defended them from Muslims, Magvars, and Vikings


Charles Martels son who became Mayor



Dominic de Guzman

founded the Dominicans, a Spanish church preist who defended church teachings


a group of Friars founded by Dominic de Guzman


the first major battle of the Hundred Years' War


Where the French fought the English and defeated them with the help of Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

peasant girl who led french army to victory over the english in the 100 year's war

Isabelle of Castile

Married Ferdinand of Aragon to make first step towards unifying spanish kingdoms.

Ferdinand of Aragon

He married Isabella of Castile to form a union for Spain. He and Isabella worked together to form a strong infantry army in Spain.

Leonardo da Vinci

Famous artist/painter in the 15th century. Created "The Mona Lisa" and "The Last Supper"


He was one of the most famous artist of the Renaissance period

William Shakespear

an English author who wrote comedies, tragedies, and historical plays


Invaders of Europe that came from Scandinavia

St. Patrick

brought Christianity to Ireland

Henry IV

the first king of England from 1399 to 1413


a wealthy city in Italy that became the center of trade in Medditereanin


the center of trade for wool and cloth in Northern Europe


a region that the vikings conquered part of Western France


two of the first European universities

Francis of Assisi

founded the first order of friars

Thomas Aquinas

(Roman Catholic Church) Italian theologian and Doctor of the Church who is remembered for his attempt to reconcile faith and reason in a comprehensive theology


strict, ate simple meals, had one robe; took message outside the monastery to many people

Bernard of Clairvaux

powerful monk who stressed the importance of a mystical union with God and believed reason was dangerous

Hildegard of Bingen

a nun who wrote religious poems and songs, a nun who wrote religious poems and songs

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