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Anus, Rectum, and Prostate


decrease in stool frequency, with difficult passing of very hard, dry stools


flabby papules of skin or mucous membrane in the anal region caused by a varicose vein of the hemorrhoidal plexus


blood in the stool


excessive fat in the stool as in gastrointestinal malabsorption of fat

Occult blood

Blood detected in stool by means of a chemical test but not apparent to the naked eye.
-a sign of colon cancer

Stool types

-jelly-like mucus shreds mixed in stool indicate inflammation
-bright red blood on stool surface indicates rectal bleeding.
-bright red blood mixed with feces indicates possible colonic bleeding
-black tarry stool with distinct malodor indicates upper GI bleeding with blood partially digested.
-gray, tan stool--absent bile pigment(e.g. obstructive jaundice)
-pale yellow, greasy stool--increased fat content, as occurs with malabsorption syndrome

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