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Cell Cycle (Daily Quizzes)

During which phase of mitosis does the nuclear envelope re-form ad the nucleoli reappear?
Prior to mitosis, each chromosome of a eukaryotic cell consists of a pair of identical structures called?
Sister Chromatids
Sister Chromatids are?
Tightly linked together a centromere
The phase of mitosis during which the nuclear envelope fragments and the nucleoli disappear is called?
Which of the following is a feature of plant cell division that distinguishes it from animal cell division?
Formation of a cell plate
The process by which the cytoplasm of a eukaryotic cell divides to produce two cells is called?
What type of cell is shown?
Plant Cell in telophase
The genetic material is duplicated during?
The S Phase
Which of the following statements regarding the function of Mitosis is false?
Mitosis allows organisms to generate genetic diversity
At the start of mitotic anaphase,
The centromeres of each chromosome come apart
Molecular factors that unfluence the cell cycle are?
All of the above.
Which of the following must occur for a plant or animal to grow and develope normally?
The organism must be able to control the timing and rate of the cell division in different parts of the body.
Mature human nerve cells and muscle cells
Are in G0
A ____ is the time during which the cell cycle will not go forward until a certain signal is recieved.
The "Go Ahead" signal for the G2 to M-Phase Transition is/are called?
Maturation Promoting Factor
What is the name of the molecule that forms the molecular basis of the internal cell cycle control system?
During which stage of meiosis do chromosomes move toward the metaphase plate?
Prophase II
Which of the following statements regarding mitosis and meiosis is false?
Meiosis provides for asexual reproduction
Which of the following statements regarding the difference between mitosis and meiosis is false?
Crossing over is a phenomenon that creates genetic diversity during mitosis.
Which of the following statemens is false?
Gametes are made by mitosis.
During which stage of meiosis are chiasmata visible?
Late prophase 1
During which stage of meiosis does synapsis and the formation of tetrads occur?
Prophase 1
Idependent orientation of chromosomes at metaphase 1 and random fertilization are most like?
Shuffling cards and dealing out hands of go fish
WHich of the following options correctly describes the behavior of a tetrad during anaphase 1 of meiosis?
It splits into two pairs of sister chromatids, and one pair goes to each pole of the dividing cell.
During which stage of meiosis do sister chromatids separate?
Anaphase II
Both mitosis and meiosis are preceded by?
The backbone of DNA consists of ___?
A repeating sugar-phosphate-sugar-phosphate pattern.
DNA and RNA are polymers composed of ___?
Evidence for the helical nature of DNA came from ___?
X-Ray crystallography studies by franklin
In the 1920s, Ferderick Griffith conducted an experiment in which he mixed the dead cells of a bacterial strain that can cause pneumonia with live cells of a bacterial strain that cannot. When he cultured the live cells, some of the daughter colonies proved able to cause pneumonia. Which of the following processes of bacterial DNA transfer does this experiment demonstrate?
In DNA double helix, adenine pairs with ___ and guanine pairs with ___?
If Adenine makes up 20% of the bases in a DNA double helix, what percent of the bases are thymine?
If adenine makes up 20% of the bases in a DNA double helix, what percent of the bases are guanine?
The two questions immediatly preceding this one are based on ___ Rule's?
Whoch of the following people conducted the experiments that demonstrated that DNA is the genetic material of bacteriophages?
Hershey and Chase
Who discovered the structure of DNA?
Watson and Crick?
Why does a DNA strnad grow inly in yhe 5' to 3' direction?
Because DNA polymerase can only add nucleotides to the 3' end of the growing molecule
WHich of the following molecules does not contain uracil?
None of the above
Replication of DNA is semi-conservative. This means that after replication, ___?
Each new DNA double helix consists of one old strand and one new strand.
During replication ___ is the enzyme responsible for adding nucleotides to a growing DNA strand.
DNA polymerase III
During replication ___ fragments are made on the lagging strand?
WHt type of chemical bond joines the bases of complementary DNA strands?
RNA contains, ___, whereas DNA contains, ___.
Eukaryotic replication differs from prokaryotic replication in that?
There are many initiation sites on eukaryotic DNA.
If the 3' to 5' strand of DNA double helix has the sequence GTCCAT, what is the sequence of the other strand?