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Science Study Guide Part 9 of 11

How fossils are formed
When dead organisms are buried in sediments that then harden
Increase in size of fossils
How does the fossil record show that life on Earth has changed over time?
Describe the process by which all the different kinds of living things have changed over long periods of time.
Casts and molds
When molds formed on the surface harden
By comparing it to the ages of the other layers around it
Determine the relative age of a rock layer.
Rock layers closer to the surface are younger
What is the Law of Superposition?
Nuclear fusion
The Sun produces energy by what method?
The model in which Earth is at the center of the solar system is _________.
Sunspots are _________ than the gases around them.
The shape of the orbits of most comets is _________.
Between Mars and Jupiter
Where is the Asteroid Belt located?