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Light and Color

Electromagnetic waves are
transverse waves
electromagnetic waves
can travel through a vacuum
which of these electromagnetic waves has the shortest wavelength (highest frequency)
x rays
Compared to the wavelength of ultraviolet waves the wavelength of infrared waves
compared to the velocity of radio waves, the velocity of visible light waves
is the same
the source of all electromagnetic waves is
vibrating charges
which of the following is fundamentally different from the others
sound waves ( they are longitudinal)
The main difference between a radio wave and a sound wave is
one is longitudinal and one is transverse
which of the following is not an electromagnetic wave
heat lamps give off mostly
infrared waves
compared to air the averaged speed of light in water is
the shiny surfaces of metals has most to do with
the loosness of electrons of in metal atoms
the shadow produced by an object held close to a piece of paper in sunlight will be
The reason solar eclipses are seen less commonly than lunar eclipses is that
the earths shadow covers the moon but the moons shadow covers only a small part of the easrth
a photographer wishes to use a safety light in the darkroom that will emit low energy photons the best color for this light would be
which color light carries the most energy
how far is a light second
300000 km
when grazing light is reflected from a surface it is
polarized perpendicular to the surface
light reflected from a lake surface is polarized
what is the frequency of an electromagnetic wave havinga wavelength of 50m
60000000 hz
after randomly polarized light passes through a polarizing filter it is
polarized parallel to the axis of the filter
if two polaroid filters are held with their polarization axes at right angles to each other the amount of light transmitted compared to when their axes are parallel is
on the moon the daytime sky looks
a tennis ball is more easily seen if its color is
yellow green
different colors of light correspond to different light
complementary colors are two colors that
produce white light when added together
the color of an opaque object is determined by the light that is
if sunlight were red instead of white the most comfortable color to wear on a hot day would be
if the atmosphere were 50 times thicker than it now is the sun would appear
red orange
the sky is blue because air molecules in the
act as tiny prisms dispersing all colors of light especially blue light
the true color of water is
spectral lines in a line spectrum take the shape of lines because the
atoms that emit the light vibrate along a parallel line
if your looking for an instrument that tells what stars are made of look for a
the light from each element produces its own unique line spectrum this is because
each element has its own distinct configuration of electrons which emits distinct frequencies of light.
the frequencies of light emitted by atoms in the gaseous state are the fingerprints of those elements
the three primary colors of light addition are
red green and blue
Highest to lowest energy/frequency
electromagnetic spectrum
gamma rays
x rays
ultraviolet waves
infrared waves
radio waves
visible light spectrum
highest energy to lowest