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S.S. Latin America Test

What are the four major parts of Latin America
Mexico,South America,Caribbean Island,Central America
Why is the Carribean islands called the west indies
Because when english settlers were tring to come to india they hit the carribbean islands and thought they were the india
where does latin america get the latin
because most of the languages spoken are based on the dead language latin
what are the four major groups in Latin america in the past
which was the first civilisation in the americas in 1200 bc
what were the omelecs nown for
they were known for there sculptures and jewls
who lived in the yucatan peninsela
the maya
what was the mayas major focas
what did the mayas make that help the world greatly
the 365 day calender
who built the dranage system t o lead water away
which tribe lasted the longest in south america
who built large temples out of stone in the shape of pyrimides
wich tribe made there own form of hyroglifics
when did the mayan empire decline
900 a.d.
what did the aztecs call themselves
who called the aztec the aztec
where did the aztec build there capital city
where mexico city is today
who is empire was were peru is today
where did the incas live
in the mountines of the andes
what was the mmost famouse city in the incan territory
machu pechu
who deafeted the incas and what did they want
the spanish gold silver
what is conquestidors translated mean
what were the tthree g's that the europeans came to latin america
god gold and glory
why was god in the 3 g's
because they wanted to spread chritianity to the pagan life
why was gold in the 3 g's
because they wanted to use the incredible resources there
why was glory in the 3 g's
to become famouse
what was the major thing other than war that killed the natives
small pockes
what are the 4 main languages spoken in latin america
english,spanish,french,and portegese
what reiligon did the europeans bring over
roman cathlic
what is the offical language of mexico
what percentige of mexicans live in urban areas
what are the 3 main problems in mexico today
overpopulation and poverty and pollution
how many countries are in central america
what is central america
where is central america above
2 tectonic plates
what is the climate of central america
how many archipelegoes make up the carribean
what are the 3 archipelgos that make up the carribean
the bahamas the greater antilies and the lesser antilies