Ethics Ch. 16 Vocab

adverse event
An injury caused by medical management rather than the underlying condition of the patient
Proved; with regard to medical records, it applies to a signature, initials, or computer keystroke by the maker of the record to verify that the record is correct
Items or factors that serve as standards against which other items or factors can be measured or judged
To manage to get around, especially by ingenuity or strategy
Factors, such as symptoms or conditions, that make a particular treatment or procedure inadvisable
Fundamentally different and often incongruous elements; elements that are markedly distinct in quality or character
Encoded; converted from one system of communication to another
Containing or characterized by error or assumption
Changes in response with distance from a stimulus
near miss
A situation in which an error is caught or corrected before it affects the patient
Originating or taking place in a hospital
potentially compensable event (PCE)
An adverse occurrence, usually involving a patient, that could result in a financial obligation for a business or organization
quality assurance (QA)
Activities designed to increase the quality of a product or service through process or system changes that increase efficiently or effectiveness
sentinel events
Unexpected occurrences involving death or serious physical or psychological injury, or the risk thereof
Models or examples established by authority, custom, or general consent; something set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, extent, value, or quality
Altered in sequence; interchanged
Dr. Charles received a memo from Smith-Park Hospital that reminded him to _____________ several of the medical records
sentinel event
Janie records any _____________ that happens to a patient while he or she is in the hospital
Chris asked if there was a way to ___________ outgoing e-mail messages so that they could not be altered before reaching their destination
Anne knows that medical facilities must meet certain ___________ to maintain accreditation
After reviewing several hundred files, Alex was concerned about the ____________ information in several patients records
Betty reminded Joanne to be careful not to ___________ numbers or letters when entering information into the computer
quality assurance
The _________________ office in a healthcare facility is concerned with providing the best and most efficient care possible to the patients.
Dr. Hughes knew that penicillin was a __________________ for Kathleen Schultz, so he ordered a different antibiotic
The new user manual has several ___________ and they must be corrected
The medical assistant should never attempt to __________ the regulations that apply to medical records
An injury caused by medical management rather than the underlying condition of the patient is called an ________ event
near miss
A _______________ is a medical error that is corrected before it affects the patient