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Chemistry Unit 5 Chemistry of Gases KLO

c2.15 Recall the gases present in the air and their approximate percentage by volume.
Nitrogen: 79%
Oxygen: 20%
Carbon dioxide, argon, other: 1%
Describe how experiments involving the reactions of elements such as copper, iron and phosphorus with air can be used to determine the percentage by volume of oxygen in air.
the oxygen would be absorbed by the element leaving only air without oxygen
Describe the laboratory preparation of oxygen from hydrogen peroxide.
Hydrogen peroxide + Manganese dioxide ---> oxygen + water
Describe the formation of carbon dioxide, from the thermal decomposition of metal carbonates such as copper(II) carbonate.
Describe the laboratory preparation of Carbon dioxide from calcium carbonate and dilute hydrochloric acid.
creates carbon dioxide and can be tested with limewater
Recall the properties of Carbon Dioxide, limited to solubility and density.
70% Soluble, this is how we get fizzy drinks
More dense than air, we can see this in dry ice
Recall the reactions of Carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide with water produce acidic solutions.
What are pollutant gases which contribute to the creation of acid rain?
Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxidees
Describe the combustion of hydrogen.
Hydrogen is the fuel and oxygen is the combusting agent
Water or its vapour will turn cobalt chloride paper from blue to pink.