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European Explorers Part 2

What was the significance of the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East, with respects to farming and agriculture? How did Europeans benefit from the FC?
had best animals & crops--> 1st development of agriculture
major crops that can harvest in abundance originated from FC
What military advantages did the Spanish Conquistadors have over the Incan Empire? How did the Europeans refine the use of gunpowder weapon?
used them for guns--> lighter & more portable
What were the qualities of a good sword? What was the symbolic value of the Rapier sword for the Spanish Conquistador?
hard enough to take a sharp edge, pliable
symbol of high class & ancestry
How did Gutenberg's printing press help Pizzaro & his Conquistadors? Why didn't the Incas read or write?
Cortes' story of conquering Aztecs published--> used as a guide by Pizzaro
diff day lengths, climate zone, vegetation--> no spread of crops, animals, ppl, ideas, tech b/c isolated
Why did the smallpox devastate the populations in Americas? Why didn't Incan disease devastate the Spanish Conquistadors?
easily spread b/c contagious
germs of domestic animals spread to Europeans--> created natural immunity