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"The Wife of Baths"

What does the knight do that puts himself into court?

He raped a young woman

Who intercede's on his behalf, and asks the king to give him one chance to save his life?

Arthur's queen and other ladies of the court

What challenge does the queen give to the knight?

Within one year- has to discover what women want most in the world

What happens if the knight answers wrong?

He looses his head (gets killed)

How do the women of the country answer the knight?

-money, sex, jolliness, looks, flattery, to be free,

What story does the wife tell?

called, "Ovid story of Midas"

What is the point of the story?

no women can keep a secret

Who does the knight encounter on the way home?

an ugly old woman

What does the knight tell the queen?

"what women most desire is to be in charge of their husbands and lovers"

What does the old hag come forth & publicly ask the knight?


How does the knight feel about #10?

he is miserable

What does the old hag tell the knight while in bed?

"real poverty lies in covetousness"

What choices do the hag give the knight?

either a loyal and ugly wife or a loyal and unfaithful wife

What does the knight answer?

she should choose who he should be with

What does the old hag turn into?

a beautiful and faithful wife

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