Latin 3 H - Final Exam Figures of Speech

20 terms by oxguy3

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Definitions of major figures of speech from Appendix B in "Horace: A Legamus" (except for "brachylogy", "ellipsis", and "polyptoton")


the repetition of the same letter or sound, usually initial, in two or more words


the repetition of a word or words, often at the beginning of successive clauses


an inversion of the usual order of words


the omission of conjunctions


the arrangement of corresponding pairs of words in opposite order ABBA


the running over of a phrase, clause, or sentence from one line to the next


the radical displacement of words


rhetorical exaggeration


the placement of two words that form a contrast next to each other


(or understatement) usually involves the assertion of something by denying its opposite


an implied comparison


the substitution of one word for another that it suggests


an attribution of the element of personality to an inanimate thing


a figure of speech that likens or asserts an explicit comparison between two different things in one or more of their aspects


an interlocked order of words ABAB


the use of a part for the whole, or the reverse


the separation of a compound word

transferred epithet

an adjective that has been transferred from the word to which it strictly belongs to another word connected with it in thought


the use of three parallel clauses or phrases occurring together in a series

tricolon crescens

tricolon where the third clause is longer than the ones before

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