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  1. Hyperobole
  2. Protagonist
  3. Alleteration
  4. Personification
  5. Symbol
  1. a the principal or main character
    around which a literary work usually revolves
  2. b he repetition of a beginning
    consonant sound within a phrase or sentence
  3. c using exaggeration to provoke strong
    emotion, to create humor, or to make a point
  4. d a thing, person, or place that is presented
    as a representation of a larger meaning
  5. e to attribute human characteristics
    to inanimate objects, natural forces, animals, or

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  1. the emotional, cultural, or suggested
    meaning thought of when hearing a word or
  2. an expression understood by those familiar
    with the language of its origin, and cannot be understood based on its literal meaning
  3. a polite word or phrase used in place
    of an offensive or crude word or phrase
  4. to compare similar concepts, characters,
    or works of literature so the reader better
    understands a difficult idea
  5. a direct or indirect reference to a
    significant person, event, time, or work of

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  1. Climaxan expression that has been used so often that
    its meaning and impact are no longer effective


  2. oxymorona thing, person, or place that is presented
    as a representation of a larger meaning


  3. Antagonistthe character who opposes the central
    character, causing conflict


  4. Punthe use of similar or identical sounding words
    to create an alternate meaning to the sentence in
    which they are used


  5. Dialoguethe representation of conversation within
    a literary work


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