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exam review


the Spanish economic system that was set up after Spain conquored the Aztecs

Hernando Cortez

Conqured the Aztecs, founded Mexico city-Aztecs believed he was the white skinned god Quetzacoatl


an Incan ruler that was killed by Pizzaro


the Aztecs were protected by Spain


the Aztecs lived in Mexico

Human Sacrafices

Prisoners were used as human sacrafices

Francisco Pizzaro

conquored the Incan people


Was the Aztec god-Hernando Cortez killed him


The Azte capital


A Native Ameriacan woan who told Pizzaro about the Aztec riches

Jaguar warriors

Aztec warriors that capture many prisoners

European diseases

killed many Aztec people

Many gods

the Aztecs had many gods


white skinned god from the east


Native Americans were forced to do all the labor


spanish word for conquorer

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