A Raisin in the Sun

29 terms by Hanner45

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Vocabulary unit


a person who advocated a policy of absorbing or intergrating differeing racial groups
s: absorption
the word that joseph assagai uses to describe Beneatha's total absorption into the American Culture


a composition that imitates somebody's style in a humorous way


in a manner befitting a woman who flirts with men to gain attention from men
s: flirtatiously
beneatha's dresses in African robes


a binding agreement
s: contract
segregating housing


to put off, delay
s:postpone a: accelerate
in poem, deferring dreams


briefly acting confounded or astonished
s: shocked a: composed
Ruths reaction to the way in which beneatha is dressed when she dons her african garb


to avoid or evade adroitly
s: escape
Mama's losing control of her world and family


someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it
beneatha's scathing criticism of Walter's aspirations for a higher paying job


having no fixed course
s: unpredictable a: predictable
Walter's behavior and speech


joyously unrestrained
s: vivacious a: depressed
Ruth's reaction when Mama bought the house


joking or jesting; often inappropriate
s: sarcastic a: sincerity
sarcastic reaction when Mama came home after Linder's visit


to cause increasing poisoning irritation or bitterness
s: infect a: heal
in poem describing when a dream is delayed


a person's manner of walking
s: stride


Giving a clear and effective picture;
s: vividly a: vaguely


"religion" of those who don't believe in God and/or are uncivilized
s: Paganism a: Christianity
Mama's reaction to what Beneatha believes


legacy; tradition;something that comes or belongs to one by reason of birth
s: culture


in a way showing no particular interest or concern
s: nonchalantly a: passionately


Ridiculous, or exaggerated as to cause or deserve laughter; absurd
s: ridiculous a: serious
the hat of Mama's that travis gave her


the act of determining a position by adjusting to facts or principles
part of Linders's ironically names "welcoming committee"


Elaborately decorated
s: gaudy a: plain


spread or diffuse through
s: penetrate


a claim made/implied not supported by fact
s: mask a: sincerity


Greek titan who lived on Olympus (stole fire from gods and gave it to humans)
the name that George calls walter after hearing walter's drunken tirade about business opportunities


s: loudly
Walter's comments as family moves


to fill with inspiration or power;nourish
s: refill a: deplete


separated or isolated from others or a main group by policy
s: isolated a: integrated
the rules that pertained to housing


Oriented or directed toward social needs and problems
issues with which Hansberry dealt in her handwriting


loud, harsh, grating, or shrill
s: stern
Ruths demanding voice on moving day


a long, slow, and difficult journey
s: voyage
Walter's difficult movement when about to make a deal with Lindner

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