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  1. impassive
  2. voluble
  3. inundation
  4. gregarious
  5. precipitate
  1. a (v.) to hurl or throw violently
  2. b (adj.) characterized by a ready flow of words; talkative
  3. c (adj.) not showing emotion; calm or serene
  4. d (n.) flood or overflow
  5. e (adj.) seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable, outgoing

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  1. (v.) to twist out of shape or change the usual appearance of
  2. (adj.) using or showing good judgement, wise, sensible
  3. (adj.) friendly, easy to get along with
  4. (adj.) persistant, hard-working, diligent
  5. (n.) breaking of a law, obligation, or usual habit

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  1. palpable(adj.) capable of being touched or felt


  2. dolorous(adj.) exhibiting sorrow or pain


  3. culpable(adj.) deserving blame, guilty


  4. poltroon(adj.) exhibiting sorrow or pain


  5. attenuated(adj.) weakened, thinned, decreased (either physically or in force, intensity, effect, etc.)