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____% of water on Earth is Salt Water

ice caps

2% of fresh water is locked up in ____ ____

1; ground

___% of fresh water we can drink is mostly found in the _____

Drainage basin; watershed

All land that drains into a river is called a ______ _____ or a _____


Water drains ______


The bounday between two watersheds

River System

A river and all of its tributaries.


River Systems carry eroded rock/sediment to the ______


Distance water travels in a certain time


Steepness of the slope of a river/stream


Volume of water that passes certain point


The path that water flows through


When a river or stream no longer has energy to transport suspended materials


Rivers weather mostly by ____ means


_____ is the most common way a river is weathered mechanically

Load; Solution; Suspended; Bed Load

Eroded materials transported by water are called _____ and can be transported as: _________, ________, _____ _____

River Valleys

_____ _____ are carved over time by the rivers flow


The area of a valley covered when the river floods


A river valley with very steep almost vertical sides

Ground Water

Water that enters the ground and is stored. Impacted by type of rock or soil.


____% of United States drinking water is provided by Ground Water

Water Table

When more ground water supplies are used than can recharged, there is a drop in the _____ _____


Term for when ground compacts as water supporting it goes dry


When salt water replaces freshwater
-especially near coastal areas


When pollutants such as fertilizers, oils, pesticides can be carried by rain into the ground water


The amount of water solid or rock can hold based on space between grains in the material


Well sorted/ more rounded particles have a _____ porosity than poorly sorted less rounded particles


The rate at which water can pass through pore spaces in a rock


A material that water cannot pass through is called _____

Zone of saturation

when all pore spaces are filled with water

Water Table

The upper zone of saturation

Zone of aeration

The area between the water table and surface that can still hold water


Where the water tables reached the surface there is a _____


enough water is stored to provide water through wells

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