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The elected leader who is mostly civilized and who ends up running for his life


The savage kid who cares only about hunting and killing


The kid with all the ideas who ends up the outcast anyway


The truly good brave kid who realizes that they are the real beast to fear

Parachute man

"beast from air"--Smaneric saw it and the way it moved made them think it was alive


Piggy's "specs" eventually are the source of power--used to make fire (Ralph uses it to make a signal fire, while Jack uses it for a cooking fire)


A symbol of the civilized side of the island, Piggy tries to hold onto it until the very end


the mark on the island that plane left when it crashed


snakelike vines

naval officer

the man who rescues the boys at the end of the book


All the kids who treat the island like recess and never really help with anything


He throws rocks to miss at first and then aims one right at Piggy, causing his death

Castle Rock

Jack's "castle" the place where Jack has all the power and everyone listens to him


Twins who follow Ralph and Simon and end up captured by Jack's tribe


type of government that Jack uses to take power


the type of government used to decide Ralph as leader (everyone voted)


youngest littlun who wants to go home and eventually can't remember his phone number


what the boys turn into (animal-like)


This really was what was inside the boys - their savage potential - but the kids think it is really the parachute man.

Lord of the Flies

A pig's head on a stick - a sacrifice to the "beast"

the boy with the mulberry bithmark

the boy who gets lost/dies first, he gets lost when the big forest fire happens

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