8 terms

Wordly Wise Lessons 11-15

fanciful- 11
adj. 1. Not based on reason; unrealistic
adj. 2. Not real; imaginary
futile- 11
adj. Certain to fail; hopeless or useless
outmoded- 13
adj. No longer needed or fashionable
wend- 13
v. To travel; to go on one's way
consent- 14
v. To agree; to allow to happen
n. Permission; approval
discreet- 14
adj. Showing care or wisdom in what one says or does
discretion n. The ability to handle matters wisely
coincide- 15
v. 1. To be in the same place or occur at the same time
2. To be exactly the same; to agree
coincidence n. Occurrences that seem to be related but are only connected by chance
velocity- 15
n. Rate of movement; speed