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n. 1. thing like a tool, small machine etc.. used in doing something; act of appying


n. 1. putting on; applying 2.) act of using; use 3.) a request 4.)continued effort in work; close attention


v. 1.) to seize; to arrest 2.) to grasp with the mind; to understand


adj. suitable proper verb 1.) to take for oneself 2.) to set apart for some special use


n. 1.) praise; favorable opinion 2. consent; permission


adj. based on ones own wishes, notions v. 1.) to come near to; to approach


adj. 1.) fitted by nature; likely 2.) suitable; fitting 3.) quick to learn


adj. based on one's own wishes, notions, or will; not going by any ruke or law


n. settlement of a dispute by the decision of a person with full power to judge and decide


n. a curved structure that bears the weight of the material above it v. to curve


n. war equipment or supplies


n. a building for storing or making weapons and amunition for an army or navy; a place for keeping guns, powder etc.


adj. not natural; made by human skill or labor 2.) pretended; put on ; false


v. to find out


1.) look; appearance 2.) one side or part of view (of a subject) 3.) direction anything faces

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