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air mass

a large body of air with only small horizontal variations of temperature, pressure.and moisture


white wispy clouds that a storm is coming


white puffy cloudsthat meanfair weather


newton's 1 law of motion or the property of matter that keeps an object at rest or keep's it moving in a straight line


a way of supplying water to an area of land

land breeze

a breeze thaat moves from the land to the water


the bends in a river { s-shape}


the role of an organism in it's habitat


the prosses that plants use to make sugar/food

polar easterlies

blows cold air away from the pole

prevailing westerlines

wind all over the world

rain guage

a instrument used to measure rainfall


the water that moves over the earths surface

sea breeze

a breeze that moves from sea to land


dark gray clouds that bring rain

topographic map

a map taht shows elavation


the winds that blow moist air off the Atlantic Oceam


smaller sttreams that flow into main rivers


a strong upward air current

high pressure

fair weather

low pressure

stormy weather


a non-living organism


a living organism

coniferous tree

a tree that doesnt lose its leaves

decidiuous tree

a tree that loses its leaves

cold front

a front where cold air moves under warm air which is less dense and pushes air up(produces thunderstorms, heavy rain, or snow)


a front where warm air moves over cold air and brings drizzling rain and then are followed by warm and clear weather


air pressure is measured with a barometer


a thermometer can be measured 2 different ways 1 is the celsius scale and the 2 is the fahrenheit scale


a force that opposes the motion of an object moving pass another


the picking up and carrying away of pieces of rocks


a divice that measures wind speed


the energy of an object that is moving

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