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Variable Ratio

Buying state lottery tickets and winning

Fixed Ratio

A hotel maid may take a 15 minute break only after having cleaned three rooms

Variable Interval

watching and seeing shooting stars on a dark night

Fixed Interval

A teenager receives an allowance every saturday

Variable Interval

checking the front porch for a newspaper when the delivery person is extremely unpredictable

Variable Ratio

A professional baseball player gets a hit approximately every third time at bat

Fixed Interval

checking the oven to see if chocolate chip cookies are done when baking time is know

Fixed Ratio

a blueberry picker receives a dollar after filling three pints

Variable Ratio

a charitable organization makes an average of ten phone calls for every donation it receives

Fixed Interval

calling a garage mechanic to see if your car is fixed

Fixed Ratio

a students final grade improves one level for every three book reviews they submit

Fixed Ratio

For every 5 times a child cleans his room, he gets to choose a video to watch with the family

Fixed Ratio

A food dispenser drops one food pellet after a pigeon pecks at a bar 25 times.

Fixed Interval

Scheduled drug testing

Variable Interval

Random health inspections that occur twice a year.

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