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Test #2
How many different elements are in a water molecule?
In an electrically neutral atom, the number of protons in the nucleus is balanced by an equal number of
orbital electrons
If an astronaut landed on a planet made of antimatter, there would be an explosion and
the astronaut and an equal amount of the planet would both annihilate
If two protons are removed from an oxygen nucleus, the result is
When weight is applied to the top of a stone arch, all of the stone blocks in the arch undergo
When a load is placed on the middle of a horizontal beam supported at each end, the bottom part of the beam undergoes
A wooden block has a mass of 1000 kg and a volume of 2 cubic meters. What is the block's density?
500 kg per cubic meter
Which will bounce higher off a hard surface?
a steel ball
If an elephant grew to twice its height, the area of its ears would be about
four times what it was
Flatten a spherical meatball into a hamburger and you increase its
surface area
Water pressure is greatest against the
bottom of a submerged object
What is the buoyant force acting on a 10-ton ship floating in the ocean?
10 tons
Two life preservers have identical volumes, but one is filled with styrofoam while the other is filled with sand. When the two life preservers are fully submerged, the buoyant force is greater on the one filled with
same on each as long as their volumes are the same
Surface tension of liquids
decreases as the liquid temperature increases
The energy source responsible for the motion of molecules that make up the atmosphere is
solar power
A bubble of air released from the bottom of a lake
becomes larger as it rises
As a high-altitude balloon sinks lower and lower into the atmosphere, it undergoes a decrease in
When you touch a cold piece of ice with your finger, energy flows
from your finger to the ice
When an iron ring is heated, the hole becomes
A temperature difference of 10 degrees Celsius is also equal to a temperature difference of 10 on the
Kelvin scale
If you measure a plot of land with a brass tape on a cold day, the actual amount of land you have will be
larger tan measured
Substances absorb heat by the process of
conduction, convection, radiation
Objects that radiate relatively well
absorb radiation relatively well
Newton's law of cooling applies to objects that are
cooling and heating
The molecules in a room-temperature glass of water jostle around at
a great variety of speeds
When liquids change to a solid state, they
release energy
Hot water has a relatively high rate of
Entropy is closely related to the
2nd law of thermodynamics
When an ideal gas is subjected to an adiabatic process
none of the above choices are true
When a system does work and no heat is added to the system, its temperature
A wiggle in time is a
Which of the following is not a transverse wave?
The frequency of a simple pendulum depends on
two of these
The source of every sound is something that is
The approximate range of human hearing is
20 hertz to 20,000 hertz
The explanation for refraction must involve a change in
Sounds waves can interfere with one another so that no sound results.
The pitch of a musical sound depends on the sound wave's
A decibel is a measure of sound's
Fourier discovered that periodic waves can be represented by
the summation of a series of simple sine waves
Which has the greatest number of protons in its nucleus?
Compared to the atoms that make up the body of an elderly person, the atoms that make up the body of a new born are
the same age
Which potatoes when peeled produce the most peelings?
10 kg of small potatoes
When an object is partly or wholly immersed in a liquid, it is buoyed up
by a force equal to the weight of liquid displaced
To multiply the input force of a hydraulic lift, the input end should be the one having the
smaller diameter piston
In drinking soda or water through a straw, we make use of
atmospheric pressure
Two vertical tubes equal cross-sectional areas are filled with water and mercury. If water is filled to a depth of 10.3m and mercury to a depth of 0.76m, both liquids have equal
The depth which the inverted drinking glass must be pushed beneath the surface of water so that the volume of enclosed air is squeezed to half is
A substance that heats up relatively quickly has
low specific heat
When a bimetallic bar made of copper and iron strips is heated, the bar bends toward the iron strip. The reason for this is
copper expands more than iron
Consider a closed, sealed can of air placed on a hot stove. The contained air undergoes an increase in
two of these
Energy transfer by convection is primarily restricted to
The pupil of your eye is
a net absorber of radiant energy
Suppose you want to save energy and you're going to leave your warm house for half an hour on a cold day. You should turn the thermostat
A hot dog pants
to help evaporation occur in its mouth and bronchial tract
For increased atmospheric pressure, the boiling temperature of a liquid
goes up
Near the top of a mountain, water in an open pot boils at
a lower temperature than at sea level
To increase the temperature of 50 grams of water by 2 Celsius degrees requires
4.18 Calories
The phenomenon of regelation depends on the
open-structured nature of ice crystals
Suppose the temperature of the input reservoir in a heat engine doesn't change. As the sink temperature is lowered, the efficiency of the engine
Vibrations of a longitudinal wave move in a direction
at right angles to the direction of wave travel
The amplitude of a particular wave is 1 meter. The top-to-bottom distance of the disturbance is
2 m
You dip your finger repeatedly into water and make waves. If you dip your finger more frequently, the wavelength of the waves
Double the frequency of sound and you also double its
none if the above
Sound will be louder if a struck tuning fork is held
with its base against the table top
As we grow older, we have the greatest difficulty hearing frequencies that are
The fundamental frequency of a violin string is 440 hertz. The frequency of its second harmonic is
880 hertz
Compared to a sound of 30 decibels, a sound of 60 decibels is
1000 times as intense
Which of the following statements is true?
There are only about 100 different kinds of atoms that combine to form all substances
Which of these atoms has the greatest number of electrons?
If we doubled the magnifying power of the most powerful optical microscope in the world, we would
still not be able to see or photograph an atom
In a closed bottle are a certain number of hydrogen molecules. In an identical closed bottle at the same temperature and internal pressure are a certain number of nitrogen molecules. The bottle with the greatest number of molecules is the one containing
both the same
When a chocolate bar is cut in half, its density is
Suppose all sized potatoes are selling at the same price per kilogram. If you peel them for mashing, you will get more potato for your money if you buy
large potatoes
In cold weather, your hands will be warmer if you wear
The mass of a cubic meter of water is
1000 kg
Ice cubes submerged at the bottom of a liquid indicate that the liquid
is less dense than ice
A scale from which a rock is suspended reads 5 N when the rock is out of water and 3 N when the rock is submerged. The density of the rock is
2.5 times the density of water
A very light-weight horizontal loop of wire is suspended from a spring, lowered into water, and then raised to the surface. Any further attempt to raise it causes the spring to
What is the approximate mass of a 1-square centimeter column of air that extends from sea level to the top of the atmosphere?
1 kilogram
The faster a fluid moves, the
less its internal pressure
As a woman holding her breath swims deeper and deeper beneath the water's surface, her density
The main difference between gases and plasmas has to do with
electrical conduction
Some molecules are able to absorb large amounts of energy in the form of internal vibrations and rotations. Materials composed of such molecules have
high specific heat
Consider a metal ring with a gap cut in it. When the ring is heated, the gap
becomes wider
Room temperature on the Kelvin scale is about
300 K
Metals are both good heat conductors and good electrical conductors because of the
similarity between thermal and electrical conductive properties
It is commonly thought that a can of beverage will cool faster in the coldest part of a refrigerator. Knowledge of Newton's law of cooling
supports this common knowledge
A good absorber of radiation is a
good emitter of radiation
We are warmed by condensation because water molecules in the air that strike our bodies
transfer some of their kinetic energy to us
Suppose you walk on red-hot coals with bare feet. If bits of the coals do not stick to your feet, it would be best if your feet are
To increase the temperature of 50 grams of water by 2 Celsius degrees requires
100 calories
A volume of air has a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. An equal volume of air that is twice as hot has a temperature of
273 degrees Celsius
The greater the difference in temperature between the input reservoir and the output reservoir for a heat engine, the
greater the efficiency
Consider a cup of tea at room temperature, 24 degrees C. If it is heated until it has twice the internal energy, unlike a piece of metal, its temperature will be
100 degrees C.
The vibrations of a longitudinal wave move in a direction
along the direction of wave travel
To say that one wave is out of phase with another is to say that the waves are
out of step
compressions and refractions normally travel in
the same direction in a wave
The explanation for refraction must involve a change in
On some days, air nearest the ground is colder than air that is higher up. On one of these days, sound waves
tend to be refracted downward