Tale of Two Cities: Book The Second

Study Guide
Why is Jarvis Lorry a perfect representative of Tellson's Bank of London?
Mr. Lorry, whether by nature or training, is quiet, conservative, cautious, and loyal. These qualities make him a perfect representative for Tellson's, which tries to embody them for their clients.
Describe Charles Darnay.
Charles Darnay is a French aristocrat by birth who decides to live in England because he cannot associate himself with the unjustness of the French social system.
What is the atmosphere of the court?
The atmosphere of the court was ugly, dark, and unpleasant, since carton was put on trial with disgusting flies above him hungrily ready to devour him. It also causes many illnesses. The people in the court yells for the death penalty to continue.
Name the first two witnesses against Charles Darnay.
Lucie Manette and Jarvis Lorry.
Why is Darnay acquitted?
Because of similarities in looks between Darnay and Carton
Explain Dr. Manette's reaction to Charles Darnay AFTER the trial?
He seems to recognize him, and gives a look of distrust and concern. Later, after Charles asks for Lucy's hand in marriage , Dr. Manette begins to suspect who Charles really is. Dr. Manette begins to fall back into the madness caused by his imprisonment.
Describe Sydney carton
Sydney Carton's a tough nut to crack. At twenty-five, he's obviously brilliant: he manages to make one of the stupidest men in London, Mr. Stryver, into one of the most prominent lawyers of his time.
How is the Manette household described?
The Manette household has two floors in the back and there is a court with trees
What events disturb the peaceful household?
the storm, the discovery at the old dungeon causing Dr. Manette to have restless nights and step back and forth from the memories of prison.
What is the significance of the scene with the Monseigneur and his hot chocolate?
3 servants and on a silver platter and pot
How does the Marquis react to the death of the child?
He doesn't have a single pity or love for the peasants at all. He would rather have them disappear off the surface if this world.
Why is it significant that the Marquis is steeped in crimson by the setting sun?
Because the crimson signifies the blood of the people he has murdered, and foretells his coming murder!
Why is the Marquis upset by what the road mender has seen?
He demands to know what the road-mender was staring at, and the man responds that someone was holding the bottom of the carriage.
Who is Monsieur Charles?
Charles Darnay
How does Darnay's philosophy differ from his uncle's?
The heroic nobleman, Charles Darnay, renounces his status in opposition to his uncle, the Marquis de St Evremonde.
How is the murder of the Marquis foreshadowed? What hints are given as the identity of the murderer?
The father of the small boy that the Marquis kills with his carriage, kills Marquis to avenge the death. His name is Gaspard.
What is Dr. Manette's reaction to Darnay's request to court Lucy?
Darnay show consideration for Dr. Manette in proclaiming his love for Lucie is he shows it in a respect and through his words he shows he is a man of honor.
Why doesn't Dr. Manette want to know Darnay's true identity?
He doesn't want that information to change his opinion of Darney.
What does Sydney Carton reveal about himself in his visit to Lucy?
Carton,pledges his love to Lucie, admitting that, though his life is worthless, she has helped him dream of a better existence.
Who is Roger Cly? Why is his death important?
He fakes his death so he won't get slaughtered. He fakes his own death so he won't be slaughtered but he is brought back to wholeness from his wasted existence through his noble sacrifice.
Why is the crowd so hostile toward the funeral procession?
because it was the funeral of Roger Cly, one of the spies who testified against Darnay.
Why does Jerry Cruncher stop to see the physician after the funeral
He stops because physicians pay grave diggers to rob graves of the bodies for the purpose of scientific discovery.
Why does Jerry object to his wife "flopping"?
he thinks that her praying is witchcraft meant to hurt him.
How successful is Jerry's "fishing trip"?
He found an empty coffin while "fishing"
What does the road mender tell Monsieur Defarge?
He tells Defarge about the man who killed Marquis St. Evremonde and he was the child’s father who the Marquis’s carriage ran over.
What effect does the story have on Defarge and the others?
positive effect on Defarge and the others. They react with enthusiasm and commend the road mender for his zeal and remind him that it will be useful when the time comes to destroy the aristocracy.
What decision is made after the revolutionaries hear the road mender's story?
Monsieur and Madame Defarge later take the road-mender to Versailles, where the splendor of the court dazzles him
What is the significance of Madame Defarge's knitting?
it is to show who will die because of the revolution
Who is John Barsad? Why does Madame Defarge enter his name on her register?
A spy for Britain who later becomes a spy for France
He is a spy for the wrong side in Madame Dearge's Opinion
Describe the conversation between Lucie and her father the night before the wedding.
Lucie's father alludes to his time in prison, viewing the moon, desiring vengeance, wondering about his child (unborn when he was imprisoned), seeing images of his daughter and her children loving her lost father.
Why is Dr. Manette troubled after his conversation with Charles Darnay? How does he show he is troubled?
Dr. Manette is troubled to hear that his daughter is marring an Evermonde and it brings him back to the state he was in when in jail for 18 years
How long does Dr. Manette's relapse last?
9 days
Why is it important to Dr. Manette that he keep his bench and tools?
Because they're expensive. Dr. Manette had the bench brought in from Paris
How does Mr. Lorry convince Dr. Manette to give up his bench?
He gives him a hypothetical case resembling his own
What does Sydney Carton ask Darnay?
Sydney Carton apologizes for his drunkenness on the night of the trial and ask for Darnay's friendship. Afterward, Darnay says that Carton is careless and reckless, though Lucie disagrees. Lucie's compassion touches Darnay, and he promises to sympathize with Carton.
What do the echoes and footsteps foreshadow?
example of foreshadowing into Lucie's future. It foreshadows people of the French Revolution such as the Defarges and the revolutionaries coming into Lucie's as well as her friend's and family's lives.
Why does Monsieur Defarge ask for 105 North Tower?
In Bastille, Defarge grabs a guard & demands to be taken to 105 North Tower. Defarge searches the cell & when he is finished, he rejoins the mob as it murders ad mutilates the governor who had defended the fortress.Madame Defarge cuts off man's head.
What does the fire symbolize?
commoners have taken their revenge on the aristocracy. They look at the blazing flames with a feeling of triumph because they have succeeded.
What is the Loadstone Rock?
A piece of magnetite that attracts iron or steel, or something that attracts strongly