13 terms

Types of Propaganda

Glittering Generality
Reverse Name calling, making you seem better
the basic idea that "everyone is doing it so why don't you do it too."
Name- Calling
Links a person, or idea, to a bad label
Using a famous person to endorse a product so that more people are likely to buy it
Card stacking
Deliberately taking sides in an argument. Does not mention the unfavorable parts of an argument
Ad hominem
Attacking someone personally instead of attacking their ideas
Logical Fallacy
The initial idea might seem logical but the end result never seem to work
Fancy Figures
Using big numbers to impress and overwhelm the consumer
Repeating a slogan over and over again until it is stuck in the consumers mind
shows important people supporting a position or idea
Appeal to fear
scaring someone into doing something
Appeal to prejudice
Basing something on ethnicity, race, or gender
Plain Folks
Making yourself seem like you are just one of the normal people so that you appeal to other normal people