24 terms

Renaissance Art

realism and expression
expulsion from the garden- masaccio
the trinity- masaccio
emphasis on individualism
duke and dutchess of urbano: piero della francessca
geometrical arrangement of figures
madonna and child- da vinci
school of athens, betrothal of the virgin, canagiani madonna, sistine madonna, cowpepper madonna,
david, moses, piety, sistine chapel, dome for st peters church: us capital model
da vinci
mona lisa, virgin on the rocks, last supper
fillippo brunelleschi
cathedral dome in florence
book of courtier
baldassare castiglione
the prince
niccolo machiavelli
jan can eyck
oil painting
albrech durer
self portrait
peter brugel
hunters in the snow, tower of babel, parable of blind leading blind
desiderius eramus
praise of folly
thomas moore
printing press
johannes gutenberg
francois rebelais
gargantua and pantagruel
miguel de cervanted
don quixote
william shakespeare
romeo and juliet, midsummers night dream, macbeth
nicolas copernicus
revolution of heavenly spheres, first introduced heliocentric
confirmed copernicus' theory
mathmatical principals of natural philosophy, gravity
robert boyle
chemical compounds and individual elements, boyles law
amboise pare
ointment and stitches