20 terms

fordney chapter 12, 13, 15

what is medically needy?
persons in need of financial assistance or whose income and resources will not allow them to pay for the costs of medical care
what is the difference between medically and categorically need?
medically needy is people who need financial assistance because the can not pay for medical care; categorically needy is aged, blind, or disabled or families and children who meet financial eligibilty requirements for Aid to families with Department Children, Supplemental Security Income, or an optional state supplement.
medicaid is administered by who
state government with partial federal funding
workers' comp statutes fall under
federal compensation laws and state compensation laws
occupational illness
an abnormal condition or disorder caused by environment to provide skilled nursing care and related services that are medically necessary to a patient recovery.
who pays the workers' comp insurance premiums?
jobs that may not be covered by workers' comp
domestic or casual employees, laborers, babysitters, charity workers, gardeners, newspaper vendors or distributors
non-disability claim
a claim for an on-the-job injury that requires medical care but does not result in loss of working tie or income.
temporary disability
the recovery period after a work-related injury during which the employee is unable to work and the condition has not stabilized; a schedule of benefits payable for the temporary disability
compromise and release
an agreement arrived at, whether in or out court, for setting a workers' comp case after the patient has been declared permanent and stationary.
the final determination of the issues involving settlement of an insurance claim
work hardening
an individualized program of therapy using simulated or real job duties to build up strength and improve the worker's endurance to be able to work up to 8 hours per day. sometimes work site modifications are instituted to get the employee back to gainful employment
what does OSHA stand for
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
in a permanent disability claim the doctor must write what
sub rosa films
videotapes made without the knowledge of the subject; used to investigate suspicious claims in workers' comp cases
the process of taking sworn testimony from a witness out of court. This is usually done by an attorney
with temporary disability how often do you send in a claim
state laws effective outside the state by either specific provision or court decision. in workers' comp cases, benefits under the state law that apply to a compensable injury of an employee hired in one state but injured outside that state.
what does medicare cover?
science and technology that seek to fit the anatomic and physical needs of the worker to the workplace.