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I adore ___(swim)___


I advocate ___(vote)___ for him


I can't help ___(do)___ it


I delayed ___(go)___ on holiday


I denied ___(break)___ the window


I detest ___(do)___ my homework


I ended up ___(go)___ to the party


I endure ___(listen)___ to his speech


The test involves ___(learn)___ many words


I couldn't justify ___(steal)___ the bike


I keep on ___(do)___ all the housework


I mentioned ___(go)___ to the cinema


I miss ___(go)___ to that school


I postponed ___(go)___ on holiday


I resent ___(be)___ forgotten about.


I suggested ___(go)___ to the cinema

to finish

I aim ___(finish)___ this evening

to go

I arranged ___(go)___ on Friday

to be

I claimed ___(be)___ related to Churchill

to enter

I dared ___(enter)___ the house

to know

I demanded ___(know)___ the truth

to know

I deserve ___(know)___ the truth

to live

I happen ___(live)___ next door

to answer

I hesitated ___(answer)___ the phone

to travel

I hope ___(travel)___ in Africa

to visit

I intend ___(visit)___ my granny

to take

I opted ___(take)___ the biology module

to stop

I resolved ___(stop)___ smoking

to return

I vowed ___(return)___

to finish

I rushed ___(finish)___ my homework

to find

I struggle ___(find)___ a place to park

to live

I yearn ___(live)___ in France again

to use

I authorized him ___(use)___ the company bank account

to stay

I begged her ___(stay)___

to let

I bribed him ___(let)___ me pass

to tell

I commanded him ___(tell)___ me the truth

to leave

I compelled her ___(leave)___ home

to attend

I enable him ___(attend)___ university

to enter

I hired him ___(enter)___ data into a PC

to learn

I inspired her ___(learn)____ German

to open

I instructed him ___(open)___ the window

to go

I motivated them ___(go)___ to church

to leave

I permitted her ___(leave)___ early

to use

I reminded them ___(use)___ an online dictionary

to do

I trust her ___(do)___ the job properly

to work

I urge you ___(work)___ hard


I felt it ___(crawl)___ up my arm


I caught them ___(steal)___ sweets


I found him ___(hide)___ in the basement


I can't stand ___(watch)___ adverts on TV.

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