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What is similar to the average kinetic energy of the particles

Joules, Calories, Kelvins, Celsius

Units of temperature:

They collide frequently

It takes longer for conduction to go through liquids because...

Increase in volume and heat

Thermal expansion is...

Thermal expansion

Thermometers use...


In what way is heat transfered from the sun?

The heat = Mass x Specific heat x Change in temp

Q = M x C x (triangle)T

Thermal Conductor

Conducts thermal energy well ( a wire rack in a hot oven / pots and pans)

Thermal insulator

Conducts thermal energy poorly (air / a double-pane window)

Energy is conserved always

First law of Thermodynamics

Colder objects to hotter objects only work if work is done on the system

Second law of Thermodynamics

Absolute zero cannot be reached

Third law of Thermodynamics

An instrument used to measure changes in thermal energy


A temperature of zero Kelvins

Absolute zero

A device that reverses the normal flow of thermal energy

Heat pump

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