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i left out question number 18 becaouse it was a multiple multiple. i tried to incorporate the corrected answers that were posted on balckboard

people place and function

what are the critical attributes in the definition of community


a social group determined by geographic boundaries and or common values and interests

community as a client

the nursing focus is on the collective good of the population

community as health function

emergency room utilization

community as a health process

participation and community action

first step in community assessment

defining the community and determining its boundaries or parameters


the process of developing data that do not already exist through interaction with community members is called data:

informant review

the method of community data collection that involves directed conversation with selected community members is known as:

participant observation

a nurse who reads the local community newspaper to gather information about the community is involved in:

local priest

the nurse wishes to conduct informant interviews in a small community. which of the following would she be most likely to contact

windshield survey

the method of community data collection in which the nurse drives in a car or rides a bus to observe dimensions of a community's life and the environment is called:

windshield survey

if the nurse wants to gather information such as the condition of homes, size of lots, neighborhood hangouts, road conditions, and modes of transportation, she would do which of the following?


plans for program evaluation should be developed when what process begins

Program objective

to decrease the incidence of early childhood disease in center county by providing immunization clinics in all schools between august and December of 2007


the monitoring of program activities such as hours of service, number of providers used, number of referrals made, and amount of money spent to meet program objectives is an example of which of the aspects of program evaluation

weekly log

an example of a formation evaluation is a review of:

primary prevention

planning a community wide program with the local government and health department to make all public business smoke free to prevent exposure to second hand smoke is which of the following levels of prevention applied to program planning and evaluation?

community concern of the problem

after finalizing the nursing diagnosis, the nurse must choose which problem to address first. the most effective way of prioritizing is based on the degree of what?

higher rate of chronic illness

compared to urban Americans, rural residents


which population has poorer overall health status? urban or rural

civic clubs

rural residents prefer and usually seek help through?


when it comes to adolescents, physical illnesses do what?


the process of integrating new experiences into existing


which of the following is a medical contradiction to giving immunizations

Motor vehicle accident

the leading cause of death among children and teenagers is


Maternal cigarette smoking increases the risk

tertiary prevention

decontamination of waste sites is an example of which of the following prevention strategies as applied to environmental hazards (what level of prevention)

massage therapy

which complementary therapies is used for preterm infants for better weight gain, shorter hospital stay, and increased responsiveness?

rolling, walking and sitting

the second half of infancy brings major accomplishments in gross motor activities. which of the following first occur during this period?


a person is considered obese when the BMI reaches

Margaret Sanger

who led the birth control movement

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

a woman needs to take some time off from work to care for her invalid mother. which of the following allows 12 weeks of leave per year for personal or family health conditions?

tertiary prevention

developing a community based exercise program for a group of woman who have cardiovascular disease is an example of which of the following levels of prevention as applied to CVD?


T or F: white women have a higher incidence rate while black women have a higher mortality rate


which of the following groups has the highest incidence and death rate for colorectal cancer in women


men believe that health is individually defined


which gender engages in more risk taking behaviors

young adult male

a task by this group is to develop an intimate relationship with another

preconventional mortality

the stage or mortality in which the individual is guided by rules dictating good and bad and right and wrong is known as:

American men

life expectancy of what national race is lower than in most other developed countries?

heart disease

the leading cause of death in men is

prostate cancer

the second most common cancer among U S men, next to pulmonary neoplasmss, is

over 85 years

the highest death rate for suicide is found in which of the following age groups


what is the major cause of all motor vehicle accidents among teenage drivers

Tertiary or Primary depending on client condition

advising clients not to donate blood, plasma, or organs is which level of prevention of HIV?

workers compensation act

what is the U.S. equivalent to Canada's Workplace Safety insurance board


the term used for prejudice about older people is

continuity theory

the psychological theory that focuses on the relationship between consistent activity coping ability and life satisfaction is the

life review

the process of integrating past experiences in an attempt to find meaning in life is known as

arthritis and heart disease

are the most common chronic conditions experienced by elder women is

advance directive

an elder has expressed his or her wishes regarding terminal medical treatment and decisions if he or she became incapacitated has written and signed what?

Durable power of attorney

which of the following is the legal way for the client to designate someone else to make health care decisions when he or she is unable to do so?

female spouse's

care giving for elders is provided by primarily by


which of the following would be the best form of care for an elderly person is in the last stages of dying

immunization for flu

which is an example of primary prevention


True or false: urbanization and overcrowding have contributed to the occurrence of disasters?

communicable disease epidemic

which of the following is considered a natural disaster?

structural collapse

which of the following is considered an example of a disaster caused by humans


a riverfront community builds a retaining wall to divert flood water way from the town. this is an example of

American red Cross

which of the following provides a comprehensive program of disaster training for health professionals

office of emergency management

which of the following is responsible for developing and coordinating emergency response plans in a defined area


which on the following would be a key community organization or professional involved in disaster work?

community preparedness for a disaster

Developing an evacuation plan to remove individuals from danger is an example of

amount of resources needed

the level of disaster is determined by the

sep 11 2001

what is the worst human caused disaster in American history was:

extreme sense of urgency

the first reaction to a disaster is usually

fear of loss of independence

a common reaction of elderly persons experiencing disaster may be


the most important attribute for the nurse working in a disaster area is


who is responsible for separating the casualties and allocating treatment based on the victims potential for survival


which of the following is predominate inn a shelter for disaster victims


in the event of an earthquake a radio would be worthless, because an earthquake is not a "weather event"


the nurse should educate the community to allow ___ gallon/gallons per person per day when stocking water for a potential disaster


T or F: Nurse Stockdale from the red cross cautioned all of us that it is safer to stay inside during an earthquake and go outside during a tornado


is the illegal or improper use of a person or his ore her resources for another's profit or advantage.

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