entertainment management

Identify basic elements of every deal
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5 key management level divisions in a structured entertainment companydealmaking, production, distribution, marketing and financewhy is the tug of war between art and commerce so much more intense in the moves than other discipline?costwhat are two implications involved in every single decision made by rothmaneconomic and creativewhat are two possible results involved in risk-taking?creative and financialwhat is true north?the internal compass that guides you successfully through lifeWhat does true north represent?who you are as a human beingwhat are the five orientation points of true north?purpose, values, heart, relationships, self-disciplinemotion pictures are a complex mixture of what two things?commerce and artwhat ism one of the dangers of a close working relationship between he entertainment lawyer?the lawyer may assume the persona of the clientindividuals besides the lawyer who may influence the client's life and career?pr counsel and business managerentertainment lawyers have become what over the years?deal makers and legal advisorsagent's roles have now also focused on deal making and packaging from what?getting jobs for clientsin deal making, everything revolves around what?moneyevery single rothman decision has two implications, what are they?economic and creativethe tug of ware between art and commerce is so much more intense in the movies than other disciplines due to...?the cost to make and sell movieswhat are the most important decisions of all?people decisionsbecause making successful judgments is hard, and it takes ------- and ability to make themcharacternot having a clear vision of your career direction slows you down is known ashaving no road mapwhat is essential for a job search?networkingif you want to win your game, what do you have to do?get a seat at that table, get into the industry somehowand as a result three things happen, one of which is that you meet people. what are the other two?you're there when the lightening strikes, and you learn how the business works from the insidewhat are the other two main points he makes?you have to ask questions and you have to follow your beliefstwo of his five-point definition of management aretrain, advise subordinates, financial successname one of the management stylesproactive