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Physiology of Breast & Lactation - Week 7


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proliferation of ductal system during pregnancy
What is the role of estrogen in lactogenesis?
stimulates lobular and alveoli development
What is the role of progesterone in lactogenesis?
stimulates mammary development in pregnancy, influences alveolar growth
What is the role of human placental lactogen in lactogenesis?
stimulates mammary development in pregnancy
What is the role of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in lactogenesis?
colostrum production, transitional milk, galactopoiesis, involution
What are the 4 stages of lactogenesis?
progesterone, prolactin
about 30-72 hours postpartum the second stage of lactogenesis begins. removal of placenta triggers a rapid drop in _____stimulating production of _____without nipple stimuli, levels of this hormone will drop within 2 weeks postpartum.
establishment of mature milk and switch to autocrine control of lactation which continues because the baby suckles until they are weaned
Describe galactopoiesis (stage 3) of lactogenesis.
the ____stage of lactogenesis begins when women choose to wean and takes about 40 days to complete as alveolar cells undergo apoptosis, remaining secretions are absorbed, and adipose tissue increases in the breast.
protein, immunoglobulins, amino acids, lactoferrin, leukocytes, developmental factors
describe the components of colostrum
fat, lactose, vitamins, calories
the transitional milk between colostrum and mature milk increases in ___, ____, ____, and ____as well as volume.
6 months, 1 year
it is recommended infants be exclusively breast fed for at least _____and ideally continued for ____or longer as desired by mother and infant.