10 terms

Howes exam (poetry unit)

structure- how the words are arranged on the page
all poems have lines, length/breaks/punctuation contribute to meaning and rhythm
lines grouped together, like paragraphs in prose
Traditional style poems
-Fixed rules
-Regular pattern of rhythm and or rhyme
-Forms: Ballad, ode, epic, sonnet, haiku, limerick
example of traditional
Surgeons must be very careful
When they take the knife!
Underneath their fine incisions
Stirs the culprit—Life!
Organic style of poems
-Does not follow established rules for form
-may not rhyme
-may use incorrect spelling, punctuation, or grammar
Sound devices
-rhythm is created through stressed and unstressed syllables in each line
-rhyme makes poetry more musical... can occur as end rhyme or internal rhyme
Other sound devices
-Alliteration (Consonant sounds at the beginnings of words)
- Assonance(Repetition of Vowel sounds)
-Consonance( repetition of Consonant sounds)
-imagery(sensory details to illustrate and elaborate on ideas and feelings
Figurative language
opens up the mind to more than the literal meaning of the words