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What are questions asked of a database in which the answers are given through the data in the database called?


What are symbols that represent any character or combination of characters and are commonly used to specify the criterion in a Query Called?

Asterisk (*)

Which character is used in a criterion to represent a collection of characters?

Question Mark (?)

Which character is used in a criterion to represent an individual character?


Which checkbox on the Query Design View is used to include a particular field in a criterion while not displaying the field in the Query Results?


Which query type is flexible and prompts the user for input whenever it is used?


Which type of operator enables a user to equate two values in a Query criterion?

Unique Values

Which property on a query properties sheet must be modified to eliminate duplicates in a Query?


Which query allows a user to quantify the query results by displaying only a specfic number of records or a percentage of records?


Which dialog box is accessed through Query Design View is used to manually enter an expression for a field?


What type of query enables a user to make the same change to all records satisfying certain criterion?


What type of query enables a user to add the results of a query to an existing table in a database?

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