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It is a long but has practically all the definitions in the wind packet plus more!

air current

Air moving from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure


Any instrument for measuring the speed of wind


A regulating mechanism

fixed- speed wind turbine

Is set to go only one speed no matter how high the winds are

jet stream

Strong and concentrated winds in a relativly narrow and shallow stream in the upper half of the earth

stand-alone wind tubrine

A wind turbine that is standing by itself

variable - speed wind turbine

A wind turbine that goes at the same speed as the wind

wind farm

Many wind turbines all standing toghether

In Europe around 1910

When and where was the first wind turbine that could generate electricity designed?

Late 1930's

When did the U.S. bring in the wind turbines?

Open plains, mountain passes, and windy coastlines

Where are turbines often seen today?


What is wind greatly effected by?

1 - 7

What is the scale of wind power?


What is the lowest wind power for the scale of 1 through 7?


What is the highest power for the scale 1 through 7?

3 - 7

What is the usual clasification for the scale? (1 - 7)


What does the wind spin?

A hub

What are the blades attached to?

10 - 15 mph

What speeds do the wind turbines begin to turn?

55 - 60 mph

What speed do they automatically shut off at?

Germany, United States, Denmark, Spain, and India

Name the top 5 consumers of wind energy


How many groups are wind turbines usually divided into?

Small - Scale and Large - Scale

What are the names of the two classifications of wind turbines?

less than 100 kw

What does small scale generate?

between 100 kw and 750 kw

What does large scale generate?

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