Simple Invertebrates

18 terms by Terphouse

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Animals without backbones are know as?


How many inverterates have been named?

about a million

How many invertebrates remain to be names?


Grasshopper is an


Some invertebrates eat food through their?


Invertebrates have three basic body plans or types of?


List the 3 basic body plans for invertebrates.(symmetry


List 2 functions of neurons.

alow animals to sense their envirnoment
carry messages

A pouch where food is digestive


The body of cavity that surrounds the gut


A concentrated mass of nerve cells


Whay are sponges considered to be animals not plants?

They cannont make their own food

How do sponges bring oxygen and food into their bodies?

They absorb the food through their pores

If part of a sponge breaks off, the sponge can


Sponges can use regeneration or ____________ to reproduce

Sexual Reproduction


allow water to flow into a sponge


make up the sponges skeleton

Collar Cells

Filter and digest foods

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