ELA Gulliver's Travels

The book's protagonist.
The Emperor (Lilliput)
The leader of the first nation of little people Gulliver encounters.
The Emperor (Blefuscu)
The leader of the second nation of little people Gulliver encounters.
The Empress (Lilliput)
The person who is the owner of the house that Gulliver spits on to put out a fire.
The Lilliputian Treasurer who has a grudge against Gulliver.
Skyresh Bolgolam
A high lord of Lilliput who has always been jealous of Gulliver.
The nickname the little people give to Gulliver.
Gulliver's Lord
The lord who warns Gulliver of the Lilliputian's plans of killing him.
The name that the Little Nurse gives to Gulliver, meaning "Pixie"
The name of the animal that everyone thinks Gulliver is in Brobdingnag.
The Farmer
A greedy man who uses Gulliver for money.
The little girl who befriends Gulliver in Brobdingnag.
The name of the strange land of large people.
The land where Gulliver first goes. It is full of little people.
The land where Gulliver goes second. It is full of little people.
The King
The king of Brobdingnag who thinks Gulliver is a Splacknuck.
The Queen
The royal mistress of Brobdingnag who befriends Gulliver.
The Queen's Dwarf
The Queen's former idol who is very jealous of Gulliver and tries to kill him.
The Frog
The creature that pops out at Gulliver while he is sailing.
The Monkey
The creature who attacks Gulliver and then grabs him and tries to run away.
The Page
The royal servant who takes out Gulliver to go look at the Ocean.
The Captain
The man who rescues Gulliver after he is rescued from his floating box.
The former friend of Gulliver who goes against him when deciding what is needed to be done with Gulliver.