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  1. Ramayana
  2. Sudras
  3. Siddhartha Gautama
  4. Vaisya
  5. Kshatriya
  1. a The second lowest of the five castes in the Indian social system and were not twice born; consisted of peasants and artisans which was most of the Indian population
  2. b Founder of Buddhism who achieved enlightenment of the meaning of life while sitting under a tree and later preached his conclusions that came to be known as Buddhism
  3. c A Hindu epic written in Sanskrit that describes the adventures of the king Rama and his queen
  4. d The third highest caste that was made up of merchants and commoners, twice born
  5. e The warrior caste

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  1. An Indo-European language that was the language of the Vedas
  2. An incarnation of a god
  3. The individual soul
  4. Religious buildings that originally housed Buddha relics. These developed into familiar Buddhist architecture
  5. A river in India that flows into the Bay of Bengal; in Hinduism, it is known as a sacred river

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  1. HarappanA civilization that based itself on the Indus River


  2. PariahsIndo-European speaking nomads who entered India from the Central Asian steppes between 1500 and 1000 BCE and greatly affected Indian society


  3. RajaSub castes; were groups of people within each caste that worked together for one economic function


  4. UpanishadsThe name of the group of people outside the caste system; they were the contained the outcasts of society and untouchables, were not considered a part of Indian society or the caste system


  5. MahabharataAn Indian King or prince that was ranked higher than a raja


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