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blocks receptor sites, reduces, inhibits, makes things less likely to fire,slows down,(eg. depressants, barbiturates, alcohol, valium) this is what GABA does, slows body processes down


works as an agonist;opens up sodium channels, more likely to fire


blocks auto receptors, directly activates post synaptic receptors for dopamine, norepinephrine, 5HC, reduces MAO


mimics anandamide-NT,THC ingredient, lateral hypothalamus(ANS) (hunger&thirst), time distortions


NT most involved in addiction; acts at the nucleus accumbens
in the reward/reinforcement pathway, produces euphoria and repeat of drug use. helps control voluntary muscle movement

auto receptors

neurotransmitters bind to the receptor sites on the pre-synaptic neurons and are signaled to stop releasing


alcohol typically acts on NT- GABA receptor

blood alcohol poisoning threshold

.40 can cause death


scarring of the liver due to heavy alcohol consumption

cancer of mouth

heavy drinking can lead to this type of cancer

Alcohol during pregnancy

lead to FAS, cause mental retardation #1 reason, result in birth defects

Frontal lobe of brain

alcohol shuts down this area of the brain

1830 alcohol consumption

7.1 gallon/ Today's consumption 1.8 gallons


you are not unconscious, loss of memory of events that occur
brown-outs remember certain thins

Cirrhosis of the liver

only about 10-20% of heavy drinkers develop this disease

moderate drinking

1-3 drinks a day is associated with reduced risk

Brown outs


heavy drinkers

13 million in USA


stress hormone, weight gain, increases with alcohol consumption

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